World Hope International Partners With My Medic to Donate $500,000 in Individual First Aid Kits to Ukrainian First Responders

World Hope International | June 30, 2022

Global nonprofit World Hope International (WHI) has partnered with first-aid supplies and training company My Medic to supply 3,000 first aid kits, valued at over $500,000 USD, to emergency first responders who are treating individuals injured as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Created by My Medic as an essential trauma kit, the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), can mean the difference between life and death for casualties of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The kits include emergency response equipment designed to stop bleeding, stabilize fractures, seal open chest wounds, clear compromised airways, and care for burns and other medical emergencies.

To ensure seamless use of the equipment, a delegation of My Medic and WHI medical and crisis response team members traveled to Odesa, Ukraine last week to train over 400 first responders, paramedics and civilian emergency response personnel. The trainers, who focused on how to properly utilize the equipment in each kit, represent over seventy years of experience and have deployed with and trained some of the world’s top crisis response teams.

Ordinary citizens and volunteer paramedics are on the front lines of this war. They lack equipment. They lack resources. They lack money. What they do not lack is a force of will to help those severely injured. These first aid kits and training will equip these fearless leaders to save lives.”

John Lyon, WHI CEO

My Medic CEO David Barlow added, “One of the most rewarding aspects of the partnership is that the training and kits will be implemented immediately to help save lives on the front lines of the war.”

The cost of the kits provided to WHI were discounted by My Medic. The donation of the kits and the delegation of trainers deployed to Ukraine were funded by WHI donors.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, WHI has delivered over $12 million worth of medical supplies to aid those fleeing the war zone. Efforts have included partnering with churches, governments, and other aid agencies to help refugees in Moldova and Poland and training teams on the ground to watch for evidence of human trafficking.

About World Hope International
World Hope International addresses global poverty with sustainable, grassroots solutions that promote dignity and build opportunity and hope in the communities where it works. World Hope International responds to both acute crises and systemic challenges by partnering with local communities to implement the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions — initiatives that belong to the communities and are centered on their visions for a better future. World Hope International does this through strong partnerships that share its compassion for those who have been marginalized.

About My Medic
A family-operated first-aid kits, supplies, and training company based on the objective to save lives, is driven by a goal to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, My Medic believes everyone should have instant access to a life-saving first-aid kit.


How many communications directors and coordinators plan to leave their jobs in the next two years. The biggest challenges for communications staff. Average annual salaries for communications directors and coordinators (see full report for data by organization size). Tips for executive directors on how to improve relationships with communications staff.

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Planet Launches Nonprofit Program to Empower Mission-Driven Organizations with More Access to Timely, Global Satellite Data

Planet Labs | October 21, 2022

Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL), a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth, today announced the launch of its Nonprofit Program, an offering that provides access to Planet imagery and support services specifically for nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOS). In line with Planet’s mission to use space to help life on Earth and in effort to enable more impactful uses of Planet’s data, the offering addresses two traditional challenges facing nonprofits – limited budgets and resources, and the infrastructure and technical expertise to analyze the data. The goal is that by providing more accessible data products and technical support services, the Nonprofit Program will help users better extract information and create applications that power decisions and enable action. "If we want to accelerate action on the critical issues of our time -- including the climate emergency, threats to nature, sustainable and inclusive development, public health and global peace and security among them -- we must supercharge the NGOs that work on these vital issues, This is an effort to do just that, by reducing the barriers and getting the best available data into the most relevant hands." -Andrew Zolli, Planet's Chief Impact Officer. Nonprofit organizations can incubate powerful new use cases relevant to commercial market segments. Because NGOs are often working to address challenging issues that exist without developed solutions, they rely on the ingenuity of researchers and scientists who test new methods using innovative data sources and technology. These new methods can have a wide array of applications that go beyond their unique use case and serve the needs of larger markets. Early Nonprofit Program Users Like Planet, nonprofits and NGOs are mission-driven, high impact organizations. They operate in nearly all key commercial verticals at Planet, such as agriculture, forestry, and sustainability, or aim to promote human rights and protect our environment and biodiversity. A number of lighthouse partners have helped to incubate and refine the Nonprofit Program, including The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and The Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD). For example, TNC is using PlanetScope and SkySat imagery to develop high-resolution regional maps of mangroves in the Caribbean and Papua New Guinea, and seagrasses in the Caribbean and China. Mangroves and seagrasses provide important ecosystem services such as sequestering and storing large amounts of carbon, provide habitat for important commercial and recreational species, and provide natural protection against storm surge. “Without easily accessible, up-to-date information, conservation groups like ours find it difficult to analyze and select optimal sites for effective conservation and restoration efforts within these blue carbon ecosystems, which are key to mitigating climate change.” -Emily Landis, Climate and Ocean Lead at TNC. Now with access to Planet’s imagery, TNC aims to improve the accuracy of its mangrove maps; refine extents of regional seagrass; enable better estimates for blue carbon accounting; prioritize sites for restoration; and identify change in spatial extent in order to maintain and preserve the health of these critical coastal ecosystems. Another use case is the work I2UD completed in collaboration with Dymaxion Labs, Habitat for Humanity Honduras, GOAL Honduras, and the Honduran Institute of Earth Sciences (IHCIT), in partnership with the Data and Society Accelerator Program from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, which introduced Planet to I2UD. The team improved and evolved a land management and decision-making tool geared to Global South secondary and tertiary cities that lack quality and up-to-date local data to monitor exposure of informal settlements and low-income communities to severe and extreme weather impacts. The tool, AI Climate, processes geospatial images and georeferenced datasets and derives analytics-ready layers of impacts associated with climate change. I2UD is improving and developing layers to identify flooding and landslide risks, informal urbanization, and land value differentials. By using PlanetScope basemaps, I2UD and its partners were able to map vulnerable communities in Tegucigalpa and Sula Valley in Honduras. Compared to previous satellite data platforms, the project analysts found PlanetScope basemaps performed significantly better in both geographies based on intersection of ground truth (IoGT) data, with fewer noisy predictions, and a bigger size of image could be fed into the neural network. Since both climate change and socially vulnerable communities, including informal settlements, are moving targets, it is imperative to aim for speed and frequent updates to make risk information available to those communities as well as planners and policy makers in fast-urbanizing cities; our goal is to use just enough information to keep AI Climate economical and agile but still with good quality prediction, said Alejandra Mortarini, Vice President, I2UD. An essential part of the I2UD AI Climate platform is to incorporate local partners and communities’ knowledge of their own conditions to ensure that community organizations can make sense of the platform’s findings, and are able to use those outcomes for their own benefit. The combination of Planet’s higher resolution images, AI technology, and ground truth provided by local partners create a powerful tool for effective city resiliency co-production, Alfredo Stein, University of Manchester, UK, Senior Advisor to AI Climate, explained. That is why Planet's imagery was key in providing higher resolution to better create local data for local partners, Carlos Rufin, President, I2UD, continued. The cost of higher-resolution imagery is typically unattainable for nonprofits. By providing highly discounted imagery to NGOs and nonprofits, Planet could make a difference in so many dimensions.

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Natural Grocers® Honors Organic Month in September with Beyond Pesticides Fundraiser

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage | September 01, 2022

Natural Grocers®, known as the nation's Organic Headquarters®, honors Organic Month with a fundraiser for Beyond Pesticides throughout September. Customers will have an opportunity to support the retailer's goal of raising $100,000 for the grassroots organization with donations at the register and a portion of proceeds from the sales of themed reusable shopping bags. Additionally, Natural Grocers will focus its monthly community educational efforts, discounts, samples and giveaways on the organic food movement. ORGANIC HEADQUARTERS: Natural Grocers first introduced itself as the nation's "Organic Headquarters" in September of 2016 to honor the company's longtime history as leaders in the organic movement. The grocery retailer sells only 100% USDA certified organic produce and has been active since its founding in promoting and protecting the integrity of the organic label. All stores are Certified Organic Food Handlers and are inspected annually by an organic certifying agency to ensure they are only using organic-approved processes and cleaning products. This certification, plus the company's commitment to selling only 100% Certified Organic Produce, helps to ensure its integrity from farm to basket to table. Six years later, the company continues its quest to be a national industry model for organic advocacy with customer education and its support for Beyond Pesticides. BEYOND PESTICIDES FUNDRAISER: Beyond Pesticides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit advocacy and grassroots organization that aims to protect public health and the environment by leading the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides. Throughout September, customers can join Natural Grocers in directly contributing to Beyond Pesticides' critical mission of creating synthetic pesticide-free local parks and playing fields. Organic practices mean a healthier food supply – a principle Natural Grocers has been championing since 1955. "As we face existential health and environmental threats from fossil fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers, organic food production and land management provide a real solution, Our partnership with Natural Grocers during Organic Month and year-round is powerful in advancing needed change because organic supporters play a critical role through organic purchasing decisions and support of community efforts to manage parks and playing fields organically. This contributes to safer food production and healthier communities, while protecting our air, land, water, and biodiversity and fighting the climate crisis. Though we're active in our advocacy efforts year-round, we place special emphasis on Organic Month, to recognize and praise our organic supporters!" -Jay Feldman, executive director of Beyond Pesticides. Natural Grocers aims to raise $100,000 in September for the Organic Parks Project with Beyond Pesticides with the following in-store fundraising opportunities: Natural Grocers will donate $1.00 to Beyond Pesticides for every limited-edition Organic Month reusable shopping bag sold (retail $1.99). For every Ladybug Zip Pouch sold (retail $2.99), Natural Grocers will donate $2 to Beyond Pesticides. Customers will have the opportunity to make contributions to Beyond Pesticides ($1, $5 or $10) upon checkout at any one of Natural Grocers' 163 store locations nationwide. GO ORGANIC WITH NATURAL GROCERS: Natural Grocers' Founding Principle of Nutrition Education includes empowering its communities to make informed decisions about their environmental impact. Natural Grocers will be educating customers on environmentally conscious practices in-store, online and on social media related to food, farming and soil health. ABOUT BEYOND PESTICIDES: Beyond Pesticides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C, which works with allies in protecting health and the environment with science, policy, and action to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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Simple Donation Delivers Cryptocurrency Solution Through Partnership With Engiven

Engiven | November 16, 2022

Today, Engiven, a leading cryptocurrency donation technologies company, announced that Simple Donation, a leader of integrated giving technologies via the RockRMS platform, has selected Engiven to provide a fully-integrated crypto donation solution for their customers. Simple Donation is leveraging Engiven's application programming interface (API) to add cryptocurrency donations to their existing payment methods. This new giving solution will be made available to their base of more than 500 ministries. By integrating Engiven's proprietary crypto processing system, Simple Donation will activate crypto giving through their existing giving interface. "Simple Donation is rapidly becoming a major trusted brand through their expertise with the RockRMS platform, We're incredibly excited to partner with Simple Donation on a fully integrated cryptocurrency giving solution that will now enable all of their customers to benefit from crypto giving and grow their kingdom-focused giving." -James Lawrence, Co-Founder and CEO of Engiven. When integrated into existing giving platforms, Engiven's API framework provides an elegantly seamless and highly secure crypto giving experience for both nonprofits and their donors. Engiven provides a fully automated and highly secure transaction environment where crypto donations are verified on the blockchain, exchanged for USD, and deposited into the nonprofit's account, all while providing real-time reporting and donation receipts to create a smooth, end-to-end solution for giving platforms and donors alike. "We are proud to partner with Engiven to help churches uplift their congregations and communities through generosity, With Engiven's framework, we were able to rapidly develop and debut a crypto giving solution that does just that: creates real impact by inviting heartfelt gifts." -Taylor Brooks, Simple Donation's founder and CEO. About Engiven: Founded in 2018, Engiven is a leading provider of cryptocurrency donation services to nonprofits and faith-based organizations. The Engiven platform provides a highly automated crypto giving solution that includes block chain monitoring, automatic exchanges, gift receipts, bank deposits, IRS tax form creation, custody options, and a full suite of developer APIs. Engiven Inc. has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations also known as SSAE 18. About Simple Donation: Since 2011, Simple Donation has been serving churches by providing a tailored giving solution that channels the power of generosity into community impact. Through expert guidance and a platform built exclusively for RockRMS, Simple Donation helps our partners align their ministry with their giving goals. It's Simple: we build giving software designed for givers and the people that champion them.

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The Forbes Funds Celebrates 40 Years Charting The Course For Nonprofit Sector

The Forbes Funds | November 17, 2022

The Forbes Funds (TFF), a supporting organization of The Pittsburgh Foundation announced today it is marking the momentous occasion of its 40th Anniversary with a cocktail reception on Thursday, November 17th from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm at the Heinz History Center. The event theme,"40 Years Of Charting The Course For The Nonprofit Sector," serves to honor the rich legacy and recognize the sustained focus TFF has maintained over time to advance the well-being of the region by helping local nonprofit organizations build management capacity and increase collective impact. Founded in 1982 by the late Elmer J. Tropman, alongside The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments, TFF was established with a simple, yet profound charter and premise to support nonprofits facing financial crisis. Since then, TFF has stayed true to its core mission as an intermediary for the nonprofit sector, increasingly building capacity and supporting the transformation of systems operations to ecosystems co-creation, while maximizing existing assets through a racial equity lens, including its Anti-Racism Cohorts (ARC) platform and Black Equity Coalition (BEC) which coalesced in response to COVID-19 concerns in vulnerable populations but since evolved to tackle broader systemic issues. Since 2018, under the leadership of current President & CEO Fred Brown, the results and success outcomes speak for themselves and the entire sector. TFF has served 530+ organizations, aggregated 40,000 nonprofit touch points to date and is currently working directly with more than 2,500 nonprofits in the region (25% of the sector) and 8,500 in the ten county area. Its Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) serves as the front door to the transformational core of TFF. GPNP continues to set the adaptive, iterative pace for the organization's theory of change, innovation and capacity building work with collaborative, cross-sectorial support ranging from Management Assistance Grants (MAGs); Catalytic Community Cohorts (C3); and Executive In Residence (EIR) programming. "As we embark upon our 5th Pivot as an organization, The Forbes Funds sits at the precipice of the region's surviving and thriving communities. The challenges before us require a transformational type of leadership capable of optimizing our ability to restore humanity through acts of hope, faith, and charity, both transparently and pragmatically," -Fred Brown, President & CEO of The Forbes Funds. In charting the future course, our leadership will be guided by a North Star principle following the human-centered theoretical approach to effect sustainable change through relationships, alliances and regenerative platforms which permeate the ecosystem in order to transform the entire nonprofit sector and communities we serve. The impact of Brown's transformative leadership has also permeated the region and state. He was recently named to The 2022 Pennsylvania Nonprofit Power 100, recognizing the nonprofit leaders serving the most vulnerable people in Pennsylvania. "With our very democracy in question, Fred Brown is a powerful example of the bold, transcendent leadership we need in our country for a time such as this, He navigates the complexity of challenges facing our communities and inspires a courageous response from the nonprofit sector around the things that really matter. Change moves at the speed of trust in our ecosystem so you can correlate the pace of adaptive change The Forbes Funds has fostered with the level of credibility and nontraditional steps he has taken to get there." -Esther Bush, former CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh (ULPGH). The Forbes Funds 40th Anniversary Celebration will be emceed by the incomparable Esther Bush, former CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh (ULPGH) and long-time friend and supporter of The Forbes Funds. In addition to convening luminaries from across sectors, the event will feature a Cocktail Reception with Heavy Hors d'oeuvres and light entertainment from Center of Life (COL) Jazz along with several, interactive panels that spark The Forbes Funds mission and ignite the flame for change: The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) panel will be moderated by Carmen Anderson of The Heinz Endowments; An Historical Perspective of The Forbes Funds will be led by Lisa Schroeder of The Pittsburgh Foundation, with special guest appearances from past Forbes Funds presidents; Lastly, Fred Brown will be joined in a couch conversation with Sylvia Fields, Executive Director of Eden Hall on the myriad challenges philanthropists face in getting funding out to end users.

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How many communications directors and coordinators plan to leave their jobs in the next two years. The biggest challenges for communications staff. Average annual salaries for communications directors and coordinators (see full report for data by organization size). Tips for executive directors on how to improve relationships with communications staff.