Women and Men Give Differently, Even during Retirement

The latest IUPUI Women’s Philanthropy Institute report, “How Women and Men Give Around Retirement,” discusses four key findings about changes in giving and volunteering throughout retirement. Of the groups studied single men, single women, and married couples single women were the most consistent and stable in their giving, followed by married couples, and then single men. Following gender differences in volunteering for all life stages, single women and married couples were more likely to volunteer and are more stable in their volunteerism than single men. The most volatile group across all factors studied was single men. We see a drop in their likelihood of giving right around the transition event of retirement, but this eventually bounces back up to pre-retirement giving levels shortly afterwards. The same seems to occur for giving amount. With volunteering, however, single men are less likely to volunteer after retirement. Single women, on the other hand, seem to increase their engagement in volunteerism after retirement, with married couples essentially remaining consistent before and after retirement. When looking at this report in totality and stepping back to identify an overall theme, the biggest takeaway seems to be that post-retirement behavior reflects pre-retirement behavior. Those who give both time and money before retirement are going to continue giving into and during retirement. This is great news for nonprofit organizations for several reasons. First, retirement is such a fluid concept these days. Some people choose never to retire, some take small retirements or take on a second career, others plan for it far in advance, and still others are forced to retire before they are ready to do so. But, findings in this report indicate that the event of retirement itself does not seem to have profound impacts on likelihood of giving or giving amount. Even while other discretionary spending and consumption decreases between the ages of 60–70 years, charitable giving remains consistent. Secondly, we know it takes far more effort and money to acquire donors rather than to retain them. This report clarifies that retaining donors is not just good practice in the short term. With people living longer, nonprofits can expect to see larger lifetime values for donors they can retain. Lastly, this report points to women as being important drivers of philanthropy both before and after retirement. We know that women are more likely to live longer than men and are set to inherit funds. The findings of this report indicate that women are also more likely to continue giving and give at higher levels than men. Taken together, this means that nonprofits that can effectively engage women will see a boost in giving of both time and money. While this report offers some great insights into the prosocial behavior of women and men around retirement, there are some unanswered questions. For instance, the findings suggest that nonprofits should absolutely engage both single women and married couples, but the report is less clear on how to engage single men. The volatility in likelihood of giving and giving amount for single men does not appear to be linked to any anxiety surrounding retirement. The report says, “Most of the financial services industry literature finds that men are more confident they will have enough resources to live on during retirement.”


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Financial Management

Neon One is now an Intuit QuickBooks Solution Provider, simplifying financial accountability for small to midsize nonprofits

PR Newswire | October 05, 2023

Neon One, a connected nonprofit platform utilized by over 6,500 nonprofits, is joining the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program to redefine the generosity experience for small to midsize nonprofits. By pioneering a new direction in nonprofit operational efficiency, participation in the program not only aims to streamline the intricate process of nonprofit financial reconciliation but also establishes a strong reseller relationship between the two companies. This fortified alliance presents nonprofits with an all-encompassing product suite, meticulously designed to seamlessly connect marketing, revenue, and impact data. "Building on our existing CPA-celebrated integration, we're taking a critical step forward," says Steve Kriter, CEO of Neon One. "By enabling nonprofits to purchase QuickBooks directly through Neon One, we're not simply offering a product. We're building a bridge to a community of generosity, providing clarity, precision, and a deep, holistic understanding of the entire supporter journey." Roney Branch, Director of Mid-Markets and Partner Sales for QuickBooks, added: "QuickBooks has always sought innovative ways to streamline financial processes. In collaborating with Neon One, we see a future where nonprofit financial management is not just simplified but revolutionized." The decision to deepen this integration stems from Neon One's vision to revolutionize how nonprofits operate. This alignment goes beyond mere data syncing; it's about providing clarity in a field often riddled with administrative complexities. Suzanne Hagmaier, Treasurer at Cancer League of Colorado, reflects on her organization's journey: "Before we had so many different programs, now everything is in one place with Neon CRM," she said. "It's such a time saver. And the integration with QuickBooks makes it easier to be treasurer, too." To further explore the power and possibilities of this integration, Neon One and Intuit QuickBooks have compiled a range of resources to assist nonprofits: Join the special session hosted by Neon One and Intuit QuickBooks at Generosity Xchange onOctober 12 Dive into informative articles on our partnership and its benefits available on the Neon One blog Engage with our community discussions to share and learn from peer experiences About Neon One Neon One connects nonprofits with the technology and resources that empower them to build a community of generosity. We believe that small to midsize nonprofits thrive when enabled with a platform designed to create magical generosity experiences. Our products are designed to manage the full range of nonprofit operational needs, from marketing and revenue generation to program operations and financial reconciliation. Learn more about the products, including Neon CRM, Neon Websites, Neon CCM, Neon Giving Days, Neon Fundraise, Neon Pay, and more at neonone.com.

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Vanguard Charitable launches electronic granting solution, surpassing $100 million in electronic grants to more than 400 charities in first 4 months

PR Newswire | September 21, 2023

Vanguard Charitable, a leading U.S. grantmaker and trusted sponsor of donor-advised funds (DAFs), has launched Grant Payments with PayPal, enabling charities to receive funds from grantmakers faster and more easily. The initiative addresses the longstanding use of physical checks in charitable grantmaking, a method hampered by mail delays and administrative burdens for receiving charities. To address this problem for all nonprofits, Vanguard Charitable and National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) closely collaborated with PayPal. Grant Payments allows eligible nonprofits to accept and receive electronic funds for grants up to $10 million at no cost to the charity or grantmaker. "For a long time, grantmakers have acknowledged the shortcomings of sending funds via paper check, but there was no easy, secure, and charity-friendly solution to address the grantmaking space as a whole," said Rebecca Moffett, president of Vanguard Charitable. "We—Vanguard Charitable, National Philanthropic Trust, and PayPal—saw an opportunity to bring together leaders in their respective fields so that charities across the country could receive funds in a simple, secure, and much faster way – ultimately helping to drive their respective missions forward." Since Vanguard Charitable's launch of Grant Payments in May of 2023, Vanguard Charitable donors have electronically granted more than $130 million to more than 400 eligible charities.1 More than 30,000 additional charities are currently eligible to receive funds via Grant Payments from Vanguard Charitable. Since May, Vanguard Charitable's total percentage of grants distributed by methods other than a physical check increased more than elevenfold when compared to the same period the year before. Funds sent by Vanguard Charitable via Grant Payments arrive within one day of the receiving charity accepting the grant, and, in one case, in as little as one minute and forty-three seconds.2 In another instance, a charity accepted a $6 million electronic grant with ease. There are no fees for any grants sent via this method.3 "As an organization that relies heavily on volunteers, any opportunity MANNA has to simplify processing donations and grants is incredibly valuable," said Amy Mansky, MPH, director of advancement at MANNA, a charity that uses nutrition to improve health for people with serious illnesses who need nourishment to heal. "With electronic Grant Payments, MANNA staff don't need to open a piece of mail or pass a check from department to department to process. The money is in our account within a couple of clicks." The benefits of Grant Payments were particularly visible in the aftermath of the recent Maui wildfires. Of the $3.7 million that Vanguard Charitable donors issued in grants in the three weeks following the fires, 57% was sent electronically and arrived within a day of the grant's approval. For local organizations whose offices were destroyed or who weren't receiving mail, this proved a major boost in serving a community in need. While individual donors are already able to give electronically via credit card, on charity websites, and even in the checkout line, these donations are generally smaller than ones made via a donor-advised fund and are diminished by service fees. Donor-advised fund giving, meanwhile, topped $45 billion in 2021 (the latest year on record), meaning that a significant portion of nonprofits' total donations has continued to come via physical check. "PayPal Grant Payments drives efficiency for grantmakers and charities by offering a granting solution to digitally send and receive grants quickly, efficiently and securely," said Michael Budwig, Senior Director of Product for Giving at PayPal. "By implementing PayPal Grant Payments, Vanguard Charitable is able to help more than 200,000 PayPal confirmed charities receive electronic grants, streamlining and simplifying what has historically been a much more manual and drawn-out process." "When donors recommend a grant, they rely on Vanguard Charitable's thorough due diligence to give them peace of mind. Now they can also count on those funds reaching an eligible charity more quickly," said Ann Gill, chief philanthropic officer at Vanguard Charitable. "Grant Payments offers a long-awaited solution to grantee organizations who want to avoid the hassle of waiting for and processing physical checks and instead use those dollars more quickly to uplift their communities." About Vanguard Charitable Vanguard Charitable is a leading U.S. nonprofit organization that fulfills its mission to increase philanthropic giving by administering a donor-advised fund—a tax-effective way to consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to charity. Since it was founded by Vanguard4 in 1997 as an independent 501(c)(3) organization, Vanguard Charitable has granted more than $17 billion to charity. More information is available at www.vanguardcharitable.org. About PayPal PayPal has remained at the forefront of the digital payment revolution for more than 20 years. By leveraging technology to make financial services and commerce more convenient, affordable, and secure, the PayPal platform is empowering 429 million consumers and merchants in more than 200 markets to join and thrive in the global economy. For more information, visit www.paypal.com. About National Philanthropic Trust Founded in 1996, National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) is the largest national, independent public charity that manages donor-advised funds and one of the leading grantmaking institutions in the U.S. Since its founding, NPT has raised more than $49.8 billion in charitable funding and has made more than 640,000 grants exceeding $25.7 billion to nonprofits around the world. NPT annually publishes the Donor-Advised Fund Report, the sector's authority on the state of DAF philanthropy. Visit NPT's resource library to learn what you can do with a DAF and about NPT's impact investing options. More at NPTrust.org and NPTGivingPoint.org.

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Catchafire Platform Drives $250M+ in Savings for Nonprofits, Further Empowering Philanthropic Impact and Dollar Value for Funders

PR Newswire | September 26, 2023

Catchafire, the leading online volunteer platform, proudly announces a remarkable milestone in its ongoing mission to supercharge nonprofit work with skilled and highly motivated volunteer talent. To date, Catchafire has facilitated over $250 million in savings for nonprofits, reinforcing its commitment to driving both philanthropic impact and value for funders. "Our success metrics demonstrate that Catchafire is powering the important work of nonprofits and saving them precious monetary resources at the same time," said Matt Miszewski, CEO of Catchafire. "Through enabling nonprofit work by harnessing the potential of skilled volunteers we not only ensure important philanthropic work is carried out, but we also drive unmatched value for donating and funding organizations through our partnerships." Catchafire Impact Metrics (to date): Nonprofit Value Created:$251,972,481 Total Hours Donated:1,303,945 Current Active Nonprofits:12,566 Total Volunteer Applications:341,272 Catchafire continues to grow its network of nonprofit organizations, volunteers, foundations, and corporate donors, with a commitment to fostering meaningful connections that ultimately improve the lives and communities of many. As the platform expands, the potential for even greater savings and philanthropic impact is possible. If you are a grantmaker or a corporate donor looking to maximize the impact of your funding, contact Catchafire to set up an informational meeting to discuss your needs. About Catchafire Catchafire is a place for people to come together and do good. Catchafire brings together government, philanthropy, business, and volunteers with the goal of bridging paths to stronger communities. We have been shifting skills and resources to communities across the country for over a decade. Every day, we help communities grow stronger by listening to what they need and making sure they get those resources. We are the leading online platform for nonprofits to connect with everyday professionals—our team has helped nonprofits create over $250 million dollars in value, with over 1 million volunteer hours donated. Learn more at catchafire.org.

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Nonprofit Technology

Nonprofits Accelerate Their Impact with Blackbaud Technology

PR Newswire | October 10, 2023

Blackbaud, the leading provider of software for powering social impact, is helping social impact organizations achieve their missions and reach their outcomes in new and innovative ways. From fundraising to data and analytics capabilities, Blackbaud is delivering essential software that enables teams to create impact. "We are committed to delivering capabilities that accelerate the impact of our customers, and we're continuously seeking opportunities to innovate," said Todd Lant, chief customer officer, Blackbaud. "These capabilities help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively than ever before. We're amazed by what our customers can accomplish with the right technology in place." With Blackbaud technology, social impact organizations are maximizing their fundraising potential and more effectively using data. Customer Spotlight: Grand Canyon Conservancy Grand Canyon Conservancy provides millions of dollars and countless service hours to support the priorities of Grand Canyon National Park as the park's official philanthropic and collaborative partner. Grand Canyon Conservancy is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and automation provided by Prospect Insights, a powerful tool in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® to identify major gift prospects and help shape the portfolios of fundraisers. With Prospect Insights, their team was able to automatically generate a list of assigned prospects, review relevant giving and capacity indicators, and remove low likelihood prospects from portfolios all within one modern interface. The software's embedded intelligence can make predictions, set goals and help establish a roadmap. "Prospect Insights helped me identify the correct constituents to place into gift officer portfolios," said Cassie Chilcutt, prospect research manager. "We can also use the snapshot wealth and giving data within Prospect Insights to make more educated asks of our constituents. Using data in a strategic way helps us save time and money that can go back to support our mission." Customer Spotlight: Carry The Load Carry The Load provides active ways to honor the sacrifices made by U.S. military, veterans, first responders and their families. The nonprofit's signature Memorial May campaign features a national relay where thousands of people join the relay team to walk along the 20,000-mile trek across all 48 continental states. Their event team has long relied on Blackbaud TeamRaiser® to power this peer-to-peer fundraising event, and this year, they were able to use Good Move™, the new gamified activity tracking app available through TeamRaiser. With Good Move, Carry The Load enabled their participants to track their mileage and fundraising progress on an engaging, live leaderboard. Participants who used Good Move overall were more engaged and raised 46% more funds on average than those who didn't. "The Good Move app will expand our reach as a nonprofit and ultimately make a greater impact for those we serve," said President and CEO Stephen Holley, a veteran U.S. Navy Seal who co-founded Carry The Load. Customer Spotlight: Norfolk SPCA Norfolk SPCA is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the country whose mission is to shelter, treat, rehabilitate and rehome household companion animals. To help achieve this, the Norfolk SPCA leverages Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT to manage its 18,000+ constituent records, drive increased responses for appeals, and engage existing and prospective supporters. Raiser's Edge NXT also provides event management and follow-up tools to help turn attendees of the organization's largest annual fundraising event into supporters. "We're a very data-driven organization, and Raiser's Edge NXT complements our need to develop specific criteria to build a list of prospective donors for each appeal," said Cara Olsen, donor relations manager. "It helps keep me organized, and I know which donor to target for any type of ask, whether it's a direct ask by an SPCA employee or board member, a direct mail appeal, an event sponsorship or another type of opportunity." About Blackbaud Blackbaud is the leading software provider exclusively dedicated to powering social impact. Serving the nonprofit and education sectors, companies committed to social responsibility and individual change makers, Blackbaud's essential software is built to accelerate impact in fundraising, nonprofit financial management, digital giving, grantmaking, corporate social responsibility and education management. With millions of users and over $100 billion raised, granted or managed through Blackbaud platforms every year, Blackbaud's solutions are unleashing the potential of the people and organizations who change the world. Blackbaud has been named to Newsweek's list of America's Most Responsible Companies, Quartz's list of Best Companies for Remote Workers, and Forbes' list of America's Best Employers. A remote-first company, Blackbaud has operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom, supporting users in 100+ countries.

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