UCLA Law Launches Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits

UCLA Law | September 22, 2021

With the philanthropy world on the precipice of revolutionary change due to the pending baby boomer wealth transfer, UCLA School of Law  announced the formation of the Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits, devoted to cutting-edge research, training and policy in this dynamic and evolving area of the law and society. It will reside within the law school's Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy (LMI). The new program builds on the vision of LMI founder and UCLA Law alumnus Lowell Milken, who has utilized his own legal background to inform his work as both a businessman and a philanthropist.

"We are immensely grateful to Lowell Milken for his visionary gift," said Jennifer Mnookin, Dean of the UCLA School of Law. "Our outstanding UCLA Law faculty, especially in tax law, nonprofit law and the governance of entities, positions us to be a national resource for scholarship and policy analysis of the nonprofit sector — and we can take a leadership role in the education of legal counsel, nonprofit directors and executives to meet the challenges that will shape nonprofits."

As baby boomers pass on, they are expected to transfer tens of trillions of dollars in wealth to younger generations, well-established nonprofits and/or family foundations. This massive financial shift is set to upend the processes of philanthropy and the governance of nonprofits. The rise of new ways of conducting philanthropy and changes in the role of nonprofits places this issue closer to the heart of the national political, legal and social conversation.

"We're undergoing a generational shift that promises to make some of the most significant changes to the universe of business law and policy in decades," said Milken. "There is a rare and important chance to make an impact on a national scale, and the talent and vision of the people at UCLA Law and LMI make this an exciting and irresistible opportunity."

Among the nation's most eminent businessmen, philanthropists and leaders in education reform, Milken has donated more than $20 million to the law school during the past decade, including the $10 million gift, then the largest in the school's history, that launched LMI in 2011. A new gift of $3.7 million has made the new Program on Philanthropy and Nonprofits possible.

Since its founding in 2011, LMI has been home to UCLA Law's business law and tax law programs, both ranked in the top 10 nationally. The new program will serve UCLA Law students and all stakeholders in the nonprofit sector, convening practitioners, donors, regulators and those who run nonprofits. Initially, the program will focus on three main goals:
  • Become a research center that develops and shares scholarship and knowledge on issues relating to nonprofits with policymakers, regulators, lawyers and nonprofit senior managers.
  • Develop and expand education at UCLA Law for students, lawyers, directors and nonprofit senior managers on issues central to nonprofit operations and governance.
  • Support thought leadership on legal issues material to nonprofits, serving as an important resource for nonprofits and as a venue to bring together practitioners, scholars and regulators.

"Lowell Milken brought this new law and philanthropy program concept to us, showing incredible foresight about generational wealth transfer," said Joel Feuer, executive director of LMI. "Thanks to his investment in this idea, we are now ready to launch a pioneering effort that again has the potential to transform a field of law."

"The nonprofit sector is undergoing an epochal shift, and lawyers will be at the center of this transformation," said Professor Jill Horwitz, a renowned authority in the law of nonprofits and the program's inaugural faculty director. "UCLA Law and the Lowell Milken Institute now have the opportunity to lead the way in this especially relevant area."

Founded in 1949, UCLA School of Law is one of the top-ranked law schools in the country. Its faculty are among the most influential scholars in business law, constitutional law, critical race studies, environmental law, evidence, immigration, public interest law, tax and other fields. UCLA Law's 18,000-plus alumni work in nearly every state and more than 50 countries as leaders in government, industry, social justice and the legal profession. Committed to the University of California's mission of teaching, research and service, the school offers students a strong foundation in the law as well as practical training through a robust experiential education program.


The 50-plus cohort—35% of the U.S. population—represents a powerful force that drives economic growth and value. Their contributions are known as The Longevity Economy: the sum of all economic activity driven by the needs of Americans aged 50 and older. This includes the products and services they purchase directly, as well as the further economic activity this spending generates.

Other News

Postalytics® Launches First Nonprofit Direct Mail Automation Software

Postalytics | September 14, 2022

Nonprofit marketing teams and agencies can now automate the creation, integration and tracking of direct mail marketing campaigns with innovative new software that has just launched in the U.S., all while taking advantage of special USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail® postage rates. Postalytics, the leader in direct mail automation software, announced its launch in the nonprofit market today. The innovative software has been described as bringing "nonprofit direct mail marketing into the digital age," announced its launch in the nonprofit market today. The innovative software has been described as bringing "nonprofit direct mail marketing into the digital age." Dennis Kelly, the CEO of Postalytics, believes it will be a game-changer for nonprofit marketers by enabling software to provide a far more efficient solution to nonprofit direct mail marketing. We are excited to introduce the first end-to-end direct mail automation tool to the nonprofit market. We have seen explosive growth in the use of automated direct mail marketing in the U.S. and Canadian commercial markets, and we expect nonprofit marketers to quickly adopt this no-brainer technology now that nonprofit USPS postage discounts are available. Postalytics offers free direct mail personalization and response tracking tools such as variable data, dynamic content, patented personalized QR codes, PURLs and USPS IMB® delivery tracking, another first in the nonprofit direct mail automation market. Matt Pritchard, President and Executive Director of HomeStart, a Boston-based nonprofit serving the homeless population, sees the announcement as a breakthrough in their efforts to communicate with their donors and other constituents. "HomeStart has been using Postalytics for years to generate, integrate and track our direct mail campaigns in a new and smarter way. Now, we can apply our USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail® discounts to save even more and enable us to apply our resources even more efficiently. Our adoption of Postalytics was seamless and one of the best moves our fundraising team has made." -Matt Pritchard, President and Executive Director of HomeStart. Christina McPhillips, Vice President of Business Development for Carl Bloom Associates, a leading marketing agency in the nonprofit sector, welcomed the news. "The nonprofit sector has always found direct mail effective for fundraising and donor communications. By combining nonprofit postal rates with the power of the Postalytics direct mail automation platform, trailblazing partners such as Carl Bloom Associates are positioned to offer clients new and better ways to create, integrate and track direct mail campaigns." -Christina McPhillips, Vice President of Business Development for Carl Bloom Associates. Nonprofit organizations, and marketing agencies that serve them, rely heavily on personalized direct mail to drive donations and engagement with their audiences. Kelly said the move was based on increasing demand from the nonprofit sector. Postalytics has seen a significant increase in requests from nonprofit organizations and their agencies that we enable USPS Nonprofit Marketing Mail postage rates in our direct mail automation platform. Nonprofit marketers have been investing heavily in CRM, Marketing Automation, and other marketing technologies, making them natural to utilize a fully automated direct mail marketing system like Postalytics. About Postalytics: Postalytics® is the leading direct mail automation solution that turns direct mail into a digital marketing channel. Over 10,000 customers use Postalytics to instantly generate automated direct mail marketing campaigns that are fully integrated with their tech stack and tracked using patented mail tracking techniques.

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Natural Grocers® Honors Organic Month in September with Beyond Pesticides Fundraiser

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage | September 01, 2022

Natural Grocers®, known as the nation's Organic Headquarters®, honors Organic Month with a fundraiser for Beyond Pesticides throughout September. Customers will have an opportunity to support the retailer's goal of raising $100,000 for the grassroots organization with donations at the register and a portion of proceeds from the sales of themed reusable shopping bags. Additionally, Natural Grocers will focus its monthly community educational efforts, discounts, samples and giveaways on the organic food movement. ORGANIC HEADQUARTERS: Natural Grocers first introduced itself as the nation's "Organic Headquarters" in September of 2016 to honor the company's longtime history as leaders in the organic movement. The grocery retailer sells only 100% USDA certified organic produce and has been active since its founding in promoting and protecting the integrity of the organic label. All stores are Certified Organic Food Handlers and are inspected annually by an organic certifying agency to ensure they are only using organic-approved processes and cleaning products. This certification, plus the company's commitment to selling only 100% Certified Organic Produce, helps to ensure its integrity from farm to basket to table. Six years later, the company continues its quest to be a national industry model for organic advocacy with customer education and its support for Beyond Pesticides. BEYOND PESTICIDES FUNDRAISER: Beyond Pesticides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit advocacy and grassroots organization that aims to protect public health and the environment by leading the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides. Throughout September, customers can join Natural Grocers in directly contributing to Beyond Pesticides' critical mission of creating synthetic pesticide-free local parks and playing fields. Organic practices mean a healthier food supply – a principle Natural Grocers has been championing since 1955. "As we face existential health and environmental threats from fossil fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers, organic food production and land management provide a real solution, Our partnership with Natural Grocers during Organic Month and year-round is powerful in advancing needed change because organic supporters play a critical role through organic purchasing decisions and support of community efforts to manage parks and playing fields organically. This contributes to safer food production and healthier communities, while protecting our air, land, water, and biodiversity and fighting the climate crisis. Though we're active in our advocacy efforts year-round, we place special emphasis on Organic Month, to recognize and praise our organic supporters!" -Jay Feldman, executive director of Beyond Pesticides. Natural Grocers aims to raise $100,000 in September for the Organic Parks Project with Beyond Pesticides with the following in-store fundraising opportunities: Natural Grocers will donate $1.00 to Beyond Pesticides for every limited-edition Organic Month reusable shopping bag sold (retail $1.99). For every Ladybug Zip Pouch sold (retail $2.99), Natural Grocers will donate $2 to Beyond Pesticides. Customers will have the opportunity to make contributions to Beyond Pesticides ($1, $5 or $10) upon checkout at any one of Natural Grocers' 163 store locations nationwide. GO ORGANIC WITH NATURAL GROCERS: Natural Grocers' Founding Principle of Nutrition Education includes empowering its communities to make informed decisions about their environmental impact. Natural Grocers will be educating customers on environmentally conscious practices in-store, online and on social media related to food, farming and soil health. ABOUT BEYOND PESTICIDES: Beyond Pesticides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C, which works with allies in protecting health and the environment with science, policy, and action to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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Engiven, Inc. Launches to Enable Crypto Donations for More Than 1.6 Million Nonprofits

Engiven | September 17, 2022

Engiven, Inc., a leader in cryptocurrency donation management technologies, is proud to announce the launch of, a foundation that will now enable cryptocurrency donors to support more than 1.6 million nonprofits in the U.S by giving any of 94 different cryptocurrencies. "For more than four years, Engiven has been laser-focused on providing the most advanced and secure crypto donation technologies for nonprofits, Now, with the launch of, we are thrilled to provide an elegant process for donors to quickly choose their favorite charities to support and safely donate any amount of crypto." -James Lawrence, Co-founder and CEO of Engiven. For crypto donors, immediately provides an IRS-compliant donation receipt and the required tax documents, including a free crypto appraisal when required. There's no faster or safer way to donate crypto to a nonprofit. Furthermore, is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, which means it adheres to the highest level of data and user security. The Engiven Foundation is a 501c3 fiscal sponsor which receives the crypto donations, exchanges them for USD and grants the funds directly to the nonprofit chosen by the donor. The process is highly automated, helps nonprofits eliminate the need for crypto wallets, and removes the need for charities to go through a lengthy verification process typically associated with establishing a crypto exchange account. Engiven has successfully processed many major crypto gifts, including a Bitcoin donation worth $10 million dollars. Now Engiven is applying its expertise to allow crypto donors to give to virtually any nonprofit in the US. About Engiven: Founded in 2018, Engiven is a leading provider of cryptocurrency donation services to nonprofits and faith-based organizations, including the Salvation Army, Compassion International, Texas A&M and North Point Ministries. The Engiven platform provides a highly automated crypto-giving solution that includes blockchain monitoring, automatic exchanges, gift receipts, bank deposits, IRS tax form creation, custody options, and a full suite of developer APIs for enterprise. Engiven is the world's first cryptocurrency donation management platform to achieve SOC 2 Type 1 compliance certification. For more information on donating crypto or to learn how to accept crypto donations for your church, ministry or nonprofit organization.

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Sober October U.S. Fundraiser Challenges Americans to Go Sober and Raise Funds for People in Recovery

SMART Recovery | September 13, 2022

The Sober October U.S. fundraising campaign launched today, encouraging Americans to abstain from alcohol in October and raise funds to support the mental health of people in recovery. Individuals or teams of co-workers, friends or family members that are of the legal drinking age can sign-up in September to participate throughout October. All proceeds from Sober October will benefit SMART Recovery, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps people overcome problematic addictive behaviors through free in-person and online meetings, to help the organization continue facilitating change for people who want to find life beyond addiction. "We are honored to be the beneficiary of the inaugural Sober October U.S. campaign, Social drinkers who take a month away from alcohol may be surprised by the positive health effects, especially given the compounding emotional impact of the pandemic. We hope this campaign can inspire positive behavioral change leading into the commonly stressful holiday season." -Luke Frazier, director of marketing and communications at SMART Recovery. Sober October aims to support the mental health of people in recovery and provides health benefits to the fundraiser participants, including better sleep, a clearer head, and more energy. So you're not only helping others, but you're also helping yourself. It's a win-win! A national survey of U.S. adults found that excessive drinking increased 21% during the COVID-19 pandemic, which could lead to 19-35% higher mortality rates. Nearly 20.4 million Americans were diagnosed with substance use disorders in the past year, but only 10.3% of people received treatment for those substance use disorders. Interested participants can sign-up for free at and follow these tips to prepare for Sober October. Once registered, participants can access a suite of tools to support their fundraising efforts, including social media and email templates. The challenge starts on October 1 and ends on October 31, and the results are published in real-time on Donations can be made through the end of November. Anyone can donate even if they do not take the Sober October pledge. About Sober October U.S: Sober October U.S. is an online third-party fundraiser run by Ezy Raise Pty Ltd. that challenges people to go alcohol-free for a month in support of SMART Recovery. It helps participants to get healthy and clear their heads while also raising funds for an important cause. The campaign follows the success of abstinence campaigns in Canada, UK, NZ and Australia, which are supported and powered by Ezy Raise. About SMART Recovery: SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a global, nonprofit organization that helps people overcome problematic addictive behavior through free in-person and online meetings. Founded in 1994, the organization uses science-based techniques and practical tools that have proven to be effective in helping individuals overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and harmful activities such as gambling. SMART has been endorsed by the leading government and medical authorities in Australia, the UK, and the U.S.

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The 50-plus cohort—35% of the U.S. population—represents a powerful force that drives economic growth and value. Their contributions are known as The Longevity Economy: the sum of all economic activity driven by the needs of Americans aged 50 and older. This includes the products and services they purchase directly, as well as the further economic activity this spending generates.