Form D Alert: Csh Program Reit IV $125000 Fundraising. Stephen Scott Stewart Filed Dec 29 Form D

Csh Program Reit IV Inc. | December 29, 2016

Csh Program Reit IV Inc., Corporation just submitted form D for $125,000 equity financing. This is a new filing. Csh Program Reit IV was able to sell $125,000. That is 100.00% of the fundraising offer. The total fundraising amount was $125,000. The offering form was filed on 2016-12-29. The reason for the financing was: unspecified. Csh Program Reit IV is based in Dc. The filler’s business is REITS and Finance. The D form was submitted by Stephen Scott Stewart President. The company was incorporated in 2016. The filler’s address is: 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue Nw, Suite 200, Washington, Dc, District Of Columbia, 20004. Stephen Scott Stewart is the related person in the form and it has address: 1275 Pennsylvania Avenue Nw, Suite 200, Washington, Dc, District Of Columbia, 20004. Link to Csh Program Reit IV Filing: 000169343216000001.


Having a large pool of loyal donors is the ultimate goal of any nonprofit communication. Advertising expenses are low and they make great brand advocates. How to convert more website visitors into loyal donors? Use these tips.

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Email Focus Tool Gated Raises Dollars and Awareness for Nonprofits

Gated | September 23, 2022

Gated, the email management solution that challenges unknown senders to donate to charity in order to reach your inbox, just released new nonprofit pages for every organization that its users choose to support. People who use Gated can support any one of 100+ NPOs (such as Doctors Without Borders, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Wounded Warrior Project, et al.) or request a verified nonprofit of their choosing. The new pages were created to highlight each individual nonprofit, showcasing the impact that Gated users create in dollars and awareness, every month. The release of these pages solidifies CEO and Founder Andy Mowat's vision for creating positive social impact alongside Gated's mission to give people control back over their attention in email. These pages function as a way for nonprofits to passively increase small-dollar, unrestricted recurring donations each month across their entire user base. Each user who signs up generates an average of $6 and 100+ brand impressions for their chosen nonprofit every month. "Gated creates impact for nonprofits in so many ways - helping nonprofits reach email zen within their own teams, serving as a zero-lift way for nonprofits to connect with new audiences, and of course raising funds! Best of all, this genius, innovative idea doesn't require more work or investment from already-strapped nonprofit organizations." -Jonny Imerman, Cofounder of nonprofit awareness clothing company ClozTalk and the nonprofit Imerman Angels. The funds are raised from senders donating to reach a Gated user's inbox. Well-intentioned senders donate to help their email stand out. In fact, 25 percent of senders donate more than the minimum required amount to reach a desired inbox. Gated partners with giving platform Change to verify 501(c)3 status and distribute donations. "We're pleased to work with such an exciting, innovative technology offering that benefits social good and charitable giving. Gated is a unique use case that allows us to deliver frequent donations to numerous nonprofit organizations in a way we've never seen before." -Sonia Nigam, CEO and Cofounder of Change. Already with top ratings from users, Gated's new nonprofit pages present a concrete way for nonprofits to benefit from socially-conscious people who use the tool to achieve a quieter email inbox. About Gated: Gated's founder and CEO, Andy Mowat, has scaled three unicorns and knew the pain of being bombarded with sales emails. So, he created an early version of Gated to make his own inbox more focused and productive — and soon saw how valuable it could be for everyone. Today, Andy, Cofounder and CMO Melissa Moody, and their growing team are focused on building a future in which everyone is in charge of their own attention.

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Silent Donor Drives Innovation in Philanthropy with Unique Anonymous Donation Platform

Silent Donor | October 06, 2022

Silent Donor has publicly launched their online service that provides an easy, accessible way for donors to send anonymous donations to established nonprofit or charitable 501(c)(3) organizations. They are the first online donation platform designed from the ground up to protect the privacy of donors. "Growing numbers of individuals and companies, for a variety of reasons, want to carry out their charitable giving anonymously, Our platform offers the privacy and security that these donors are looking for. We're confident that our company can help increase philanthropic efforts across the nation and around the world, While the individual reasons for wanting to remain anonymous vary, the underlying gravity that holds these donors together is their desire to bring about positive change in the world through a nonprofit or charitable cause. Compared to the 2021 US online donation average, those using Silent Donor gave three times more on a per-donation basis during the same year, The benefit of privacy clearly encourages certain donors to give more to the causes they want to support." -Tim Sanders, Founder & CEO of Silent Donor. Sanders notes there are many different reasons why donors choose to remain anonymous. Some hold strong altruistic beliefs; some cite religious values. Other donors simply seek more privacy and are frustrated by constant emails, physical mail, and phone calls that come in the wake of sending a donation. Some donors also prefer to give anonymously to causes that other groups might find controversial to avoid being publicly renounced or 'canceled' for their donation choices. Silent Donor is already at work, helping people send donations to charitable organizations, and partnering with organizations to allow them to easily accept anonymous donations from their supporters. They recently became the official anonymous donation partner for United24, the global fundraising vehicle started by the President of Ukraine to provide philanthropic assistance to the country. Among others, Silent Donor also assisted in running an international anonymous donation campaign for the charity SameYou, founded by Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. Notable exceptions to the service provided by Silent Donor include political donations of any kind, and donations to 501(c)(4) organizations. To use the service, donors simply complete a short donation form on the Silent Donor platform and write in the organization they want to receive their donation. Donations can be made via credit card, bank transfer, or Bitcoin. The donation is then sent anonymously to the charity or nonprofit of their choosing. The executive team at Silent Donor created a 501(c)(3) registered donor-advised fund called the AnonDo Fund specifically to protect the privacy of their donors. This fund is used to seamlessly send donations on behalf of donors without including any of their personal information. About Silent Donor: Silent Donor is the first and largest anonymous donation platform, with operations and partnerships across the globe. Its mission is to enable people and companies to privately donate funds to nonprofit or charitable causes, without receiving any unwanted attention from the receiving organization or from the public. Silent Donor operates through a 501(c)(3) registered donor-advised fund partner, which they specifically created to shield and protect the privacy of donors. This fund allows them to accept and send tax-deductible donations on behalf of donors without including any personal information.

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Onepak Signs Digitunity's Corporate Pledge to End Digital Divide

Digitunity | September 07, 2022

Digitunity, a national nonprofit organization that connects low-income people with the computer donations they need, today announced that Onepak has signed The Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide as a Cornerstone Partner in the quest to improve digital equity throughout the country. Since the mid-1980s, Digitunity, its predecessor organization, and community partners have placed hundreds of thousands of computers with people in need. Providing that technology is essential for helping people to succeed in school, participate in the economy, and improve their communities. "We're thrilled to have an organization like Onepak, with its foresight, social consciousness, and reach, join us in our mission to close the digital divide, With Onepak as a partner, we'll be able to elevate the issue, accelerate our efforts, and help more community-based organizations obtain the technology they need for their constituents." -Scot Henley, Executive Director of Digitunity. Onepak is a logistics technology company whose software platform and services facilitate the return, reuse, and recycling of IT and other hardware assets. As organizations of all sizes focus increasingly on sustainability, Onepak can track and report the impact of ESG efforts and help facilitate Digitunity's mission at the same time. Onepak is uniquely positioned to redirect the flow of used IT assets toward organizations that address digital equity in the U.S. "As a company committed to bending the supply chain into a circle with sustainability at the core of our mission, partnering with Digitunity not only makes sense as a business but aligns with our values entirely, We're eager to turn this pledge into genuine action to close the digital divide in our society to the betterment of everyone involved." -Steve Andon, CEO and Co-founder of Onepak. An estimated 36 million people in the U.S. don't have a computer at home, and tens of millions of households lack access to basic technology most people take for granted, including reliable internet access, a computer, and the skills to use digitally-connected devices. The problem disproportionately affects communities of color, but persists across all boundaries. This disparity between resourced and under-resourced communities is known as the "digital divide." It permeates into every aspect of life, creating educational, economic, and career disenfranchisement. Children are unable to complete homework. Parents cannot search for and apply for jobs. Families are cut off from access to community services. Through the Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide, Digitunity hopes to align the support and collective voice of influential, resourceful organizations in business, government, education, philanthropy, and community organizations with the passion and dedication of their Digital Opportunity Network, which includes nearly 1,500 frontline, community-level groups. The solution to expanding device ownership cannot be to simply buy new devices. Instead, a sustainable, long-term solution is to shift the way corporate IT assets are handled at end of life, according to Susan Krautbauer, Senior Director of Strategy and Development at Digitunity. This decommissioned technology, repurposed for community support, can make owning a computer more attainable for more people. Technology reuse is a practical, environmentally friendly solution for expanding device ownership. This national-scale gap in opportunity is multi-faceted and pervasive. It results from a number of interwoven, systemic issues. Solving it will require building and expanding collaborations on a similar scale. It is the reason Digitunity launched the Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide. Because of the nature of this issue, we believe fostering collaboration and relationships between entities throughout the community, businesses, service providers, community leaders, volunteers, government representatives, academics, and the media is critical for creating an inclusive future, said Krautbauer. No one organization can do this alone. But together, we can ensure underrepresented, marginalized people have access to the technology they need to thrive in the modern economy. The four pillars of Digitunity's pledge are: Access to Technology - People must have access to secure, reliable, and connected large-screen devices to work, learn, and develop the skills they need. Digital Skills & Education - Digital literacy is fundamental to education, finance, employment, telehealth, communication, security, community, and efficiency. Community Engagement & Impact - Those in need benefit most from engaged people and organizations in their communities. Those systems need to enable and sustain impact. Achieving Change - There is a direct line from racial inequity to poverty, and poverty to the digital divide. The corporate sector is a critical partner in developing innovative solutions that can benefit marginalized communities while having broad societal benefits. Each organization that commits to the Corporate Pledge to End the Digital Divide is: Provided ongoing opportunities for active participation and engagement to bolster desired outcomes. Receiving access to a variety of tools, resources, research, and thought-leadership opportunities. Recognized by name and organization on the Corporate Pledge webpage on the Digitunity website. Included in a quarterly press release announcing new organizations that join. Featured in promotional and media campaigns to promote overall participation and adoption. We're thrilled with the commitments we've received so far. We welcome everyone who wants to join in the coming months, adds Krautbauer. Together, we can move beyond incremental change to create a future where everyone can thrive in education, employment, and connectedness. About Digitunity: Since the 1980s, Digitunity has advanced digital inclusion by connecting donors of technology with organizations serving people in need. Our mission is to ensure everyone who needs a computer has one, along with robust internet connectivity and digital literacy skills. About Onepak: Onepak bends the traditional linear supply chain into a sustainable circle. ReturnCenter, the company's online carbon-neutral logistics platform, connects shippers, receivers, carriers, and their enterprise management tools on one scalable system. The platform delivers complete visibility into the chain of custody, access to a flexible network of over 400 trained logistics partners covering every U.S. zip code, and numerous tracking and reporting capabilities. As a demonstration of Onepak's focus on being an authentic ESG-driven company, the company has sustainably executed more than two billion pounds of product returns for a global customer base that features leading organizations like Dell, IBM, United Technologies, Carrier, Diebold, General Motors, Toyota, US Bank and DLL Group.

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Sober October U.S. Fundraiser Challenges Americans to Go Sober and Raise Funds for People in Recovery

SMART Recovery | September 13, 2022

The Sober October U.S. fundraising campaign launched today, encouraging Americans to abstain from alcohol in October and raise funds to support the mental health of people in recovery. Individuals or teams of co-workers, friends or family members that are of the legal drinking age can sign-up in September to participate throughout October. All proceeds from Sober October will benefit SMART Recovery, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps people overcome problematic addictive behaviors through free in-person and online meetings, to help the organization continue facilitating change for people who want to find life beyond addiction. "We are honored to be the beneficiary of the inaugural Sober October U.S. campaign, Social drinkers who take a month away from alcohol may be surprised by the positive health effects, especially given the compounding emotional impact of the pandemic. We hope this campaign can inspire positive behavioral change leading into the commonly stressful holiday season." -Luke Frazier, director of marketing and communications at SMART Recovery. Sober October aims to support the mental health of people in recovery and provides health benefits to the fundraiser participants, including better sleep, a clearer head, and more energy. So you're not only helping others, but you're also helping yourself. It's a win-win! A national survey of U.S. adults found that excessive drinking increased 21% during the COVID-19 pandemic, which could lead to 19-35% higher mortality rates. Nearly 20.4 million Americans were diagnosed with substance use disorders in the past year, but only 10.3% of people received treatment for those substance use disorders. Interested participants can sign-up for free at and follow these tips to prepare for Sober October. Once registered, participants can access a suite of tools to support their fundraising efforts, including social media and email templates. The challenge starts on October 1 and ends on October 31, and the results are published in real-time on Donations can be made through the end of November. Anyone can donate even if they do not take the Sober October pledge. About Sober October U.S: Sober October U.S. is an online third-party fundraiser run by Ezy Raise Pty Ltd. that challenges people to go alcohol-free for a month in support of SMART Recovery. It helps participants to get healthy and clear their heads while also raising funds for an important cause. The campaign follows the success of abstinence campaigns in Canada, UK, NZ and Australia, which are supported and powered by Ezy Raise. About SMART Recovery: SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a global, nonprofit organization that helps people overcome problematic addictive behavior through free in-person and online meetings. Founded in 1994, the organization uses science-based techniques and practical tools that have proven to be effective in helping individuals overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, and harmful activities such as gambling. SMART has been endorsed by the leading government and medical authorities in Australia, the UK, and the U.S.

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Having a large pool of loyal donors is the ultimate goal of any nonprofit communication. Advertising expenses are low and they make great brand advocates. How to convert more website visitors into loyal donors? Use these tips.