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Amazon Grants $9 Million to Support Nonprofits and Community Groups

November 24, 2020

To stamp the anniversary of its having chosen National Landing in Arlington, Virginia, as the site of its subsequent central command, Amazon has declared awards adding up to $9 million on the side of not-for-profits and local gatherings serving the area.

To assist families in need of immediate legal assistance with housing-related issues, the company awarded grants of $750,000 to Legal Services of Northern Virginia, the Virginia Poverty Law Center, Bread for the City's Legal Clinic, and the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia. "With the significant increase in eviction cases caused by COVID-19, the number of underrepresented litigants is just getting worse," said Jim Ferguson, executive director of Legal Services of Northern Virginia. "Amazon's timely and generous support is an emphatic action to reverse that negative trend. We will be able to hire more lawyers, and far fewer low-income families will end up on the street. It is hard to adequately convey just how grateful we are for this generosity that will have such a deep and immediate impact."

The online retailer likewise granted awards adding up to $1 million to Bridges to Independence, Offender Aid and Restoration, and the Arlington Branch NAACP Scholarship Program on the side of racial value and network strengthening activities; awards adding up to $1 million to the Arlington Free Clinic, Alexandria Neighborhood Health, Children's National Hospital, and the Virginia Hospital Center; and awards adding up to $500,000 to La Cocina VA, DC Central Kitchen's Culinary Job Training Program, and the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia.


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Nonprofit Technology, Social Movements and Community Partners With American Academy of Pediatrics to Empower Families With Children Who Learn and Think Differently

PR Newswire | June 30, 2023, the nonprofit dedicated to serving the 70 million people in the United States with learning and thinking differences like ADHD and dyslexia — is launching a new resource for pediatricians, created in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The learning differences resource hub for patient education contains key tools and information for pediatricians to share with families who need guidance on learning and thinking differences. Families of kids who learn and think differently often struggle to find resources and a supportive community. According to's Neurodiversity and Stigma Study, more than half of parents with a child who learns and thinks differently are afraid to speak openly about their child's differences. And 69% of these parents report that stigma negatively affects their child's mental health. However, around 80% of parents who've become involved and engaged around their child's challenges reported that their child's life has improved. Annual pediatricians' visits — often required by schools — provide a unique opportunity for pediatricians and families to recognize and support children with learning and thinking differences. Pediatricians are frequently the most reliable source of information for families with kids who may be experiencing learning struggles or behavior challenges. But health care professionals don't always have the time or easily accessible resources to give families the information they need to navigate school and home life. The learning differences resource hub for patient education is the second resource Understood and AAP have created together. In 2021, they worked together to develop Take N.O.T.E.®, a simple step-by-step tool to help families spot signs of learning and thinking differences. The new hub expands support, giving pediatricians a host of relevant articles and downloads to share with families. It includes a conversation starter toolkit that guides parents on how to raise concerns and ask questions about challenges related to learning and thinking differences with pediatricians and other adults in their child's life. "By providing pediatricians with digital and printed resources to share with families during wellness visits, we aim to support both families in need as well as physicians and their practices" said Nathan Friedman,'s co-president and chief marketing officer. "We're excited to be partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics to help physicians support families to understand, manage, and embrace their child's unique strengths." Understood and AAP are meeting families' needs by offering downloadable resources for pediatricians and families of children with learning and thinking differences — diagnosed or undiagnosed. These resources explain the traits and behaviors of learning and thinking differences, like ADHD and dyslexia, in language that's easy for families to understand. Parents can get tips on how to help their children succeed both academically and socially, plus advice on how to access more support if needed. "Our goal is to facilitate critical interaction and collaboration between families and pediatricians," said Sandy Chung, MD, FAAP, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "By equipping pediatricians with resources from Understood, we can make it easier for them to integrate these resources into their practice in order to meet the unique needs of families with learning and thinking differences." This joint effort builds upon the long-term partnership between Understood and AAP aimed at helping all children reach their full potential. By offering practical tools and actionable resources, both organizations are empowering families to get what they need to help their kids thrive in the classroom and beyond. About is a nonprofit focused on shaping the world for difference. We raise awareness of the challenges, skills, and strengths of people who learn and think differently. Our resources help people navigate challenges, gain confidence, and find support and community so they can thrive. Together, we can build a world where everyone can reach their full potential. is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in New York. About the American Academy of Pediatrics The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization of 67,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists, and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

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charity: water Launches Grassroots Fundraising Campaign To Advance Clean Water Access Worldwide

Business Wire | September 12, 2023

charity: water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people around the world, today announced the launch of a grassroots fundraising campaign as it accelerates its mission to end the global water crisis. Running in the United States throughout September 2023, the campaign will galvanize participation and activity with limited-edition merchandise, product discounts, and unique experiences fundraisers can unlock as they raise money to help more people get clean water. Notably, fundraisers will also have the opportunity to apply for an all-expenses-paid trip with the charity: water team to meet their local partners and see the impact of clean water for themselves. “We’ve brought clean water to more than 17 million people in just under two decades, but the fact remains that over 700 million still lack consistent access to one of life’s most basic needs: water,” said Brady Josephson, VP of Marketing & Growth at charity: water. “We know and have seen that people, usually women and girls, will do whatever it takes to get clean water when they don’t have it. This campaign will rally our community of supporters to do something, anything, to fundraise in the month of September, with 100% of all donations directly helping more people get this life-changing gift.” At the end of the campaign, the fundraiser who raises the most will win a trip for two to New York City to attend charity: water’s annual event to hear stories of impact, meet founder Scott Harrison, and connect with other supporters. The top five fundraisers will receive a year’s worth of free coffee from Volcanica Coffee and a pair of shoes from On. And as soon as anyone raises more than $40 — enough to provide clean water to one person — they’ll begin to unlock merchandise and discounts from Just Fun Socks, Corkcicle, and Solgaard, in addition to charity: water. These rewards and experiences are made possible due to in-kind donations and charity: water’s unique funding model. A group of private donors, called The Well, covers all operating expenses — including its New York event, the field trip, and merchandise. This enables every penny donated or fundraised by the public to directly fund water projects. Any donor who raises at least $1 in September and/or is an active member of The Spring, charity: water’s monthly giving community, will be invited to submit an application to see how their fundraising is making a difference firsthand. Applications and interviews will be conducted by the charity: water team to choose two participants for the trip in 2024. “Earlier this year we asked our supporters what would most inspire them to fundraise for clean water, and the resounding answer was the ability to see their impact through our work,” Josephson continued. “Thanks to our partners and Well members we are in a position to offer this opportunity to anyone who fundraises, not just the individual who raises the most. We believe every fundraiser deserves to see how they are personally making an impact and wanted to make this once-in-a-lifetime chance available to all.” About charity: water charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people around the world. With powerful storytelling and a radically transparent model that ensures 100% of every public donation funds clean water, charity: water has mobilized supporters from more than 150 countries to help end the water crisis. They work exclusively with experienced local partners to build sustainable, community-owned water projects and prove each one with innovative technology. Since 2006 in New York and 2017 in London, charity: water has funded over 135,000 water projects in nearly 30 countries to help more than 17.4 million people get access to clean water, hygiene, and improved sanitation.

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Business Accelerator Nonprofit Expands to Arizona, California and Texas

Businesswire | August 09, 2023

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate economic and social impact through inclusive entrepreneurship, today announced the launch of its first fullyvirtual business accelerator programto help reach its goal of serving 50,000 entrepreneurs by 2030. Piloting in Arizona, California and Texas in January 2024, this initiative is designed to assess EforAll’s ability to successfully provide program access to aspiring entrepreneurs in communities where a physical location does not exist A tried-and-true community-based business accelerator program, EforAll has helped launch 1,400 businesses, which have created more than 2,000 jobs and generated over $66M in revenue in 2022 alone. Available to the public at no-cost, the Virtual Accelerator will follow the existing cohort model, offering a 12-week program that provides participants with immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional network, as well as the opportunity to win seed money. "This Virtual Accelerator gives us the ability to expand our community, create greater social impact and serve more under-represented entrepreneurs conceptualizing business plans,” said Meralis T. Hood, CEO of EforAll. “Our decision to pilot this initiative in Arizona, California and Texas is driven by our desire to test this program in new locations with diverse demographics, ample Spanish speaking communities, and an opportunity to serve the communities’ entrepreneurial ecosystem.” The English and Spanish-language programs’ (EparaTodos) cohort model is designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Each cohort will accept a total of 15 entrepreneurs, from the collective states and provide a team of up to three dedicated mentors to each entrepreneur. Participants will learn how to master critical early-stage business challenges while receiving access to an expanded local, regional and national network. “EforAll was founded with a mission to help close the inequality gap and create employment opportunities through inclusive entrepreneurship,” said Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, EforAll founding sponsor. “In all the communities this organization has served, it has proven its ability to do just that. I am proud of its accomplishments thus far and will continue to support EforAll as it pushes its national expansion plans forward. “ About EforAll Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is a nonprofit organization that partners with communities nationwide to help under-represented individuals successfully start and grow a business through intensive business training, mentorship and an extended professional support network. To date, EforAll alumni have launched over 1,400 businesses. In 2022 alone, its businesses provided 2,108 local jobs and generated over $66M in revenue, despite the pandemic. Programs are available in both English and Spanish. EforAll current locations include Longmont, Colo.; Lowcountry, South Carolina; Maine; Northwest Arkansas, Rhode Island; and the following Massachusetts communities: Berkshire County, Cape Cod, Fall River/New Bedford, Merrimack Valley, Lynn, Pioneer Valley, Roxbury and Worcester. To learn more about EforAll, please visit

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HELP of Southern Nevada Receives $40K Donation from Southwest Gas for Facility Rebuilding, Human Services Assistance

PR Newswire | August 07, 2023

Southwest Gas Corporation continued its more than 30 years of support to HELP of Southern Nevada with a $40,000 donation to assist the local nonprofit with the rebuilding of its social service office. Scorching summer temperatures create extreme challenges for individuals who are currently unhoused or on the brink of homelessness. Whether its food, water, and energy scarcity or exposure to the elements, the availability of assistance programs and resources are critical to their survival. For more than 50 years, HELP of Southern Nevada has been answering that call and with the recent donation from Southwest Gas, they can continue to provide critical programming to support clients in need. The HELP office was severely damaged in a fire two summers ago. Through the Fire Fund, supported in part by Southwest Gas, the first floor rebuild is already complete and houses HELP's homeless outreach program team. The renovation has allowed the nonprofit to service an additional 500 clients per year, providing the critical resources they need to survive and ultimately thrive. "Supporting our communities' well-being and building towards a better future has always been at our foundation, and is a cornerstone to our sustainability vision," says Justin Brown, President of Southwest Gas Corporation. "Through this donation HELP can provide additional support to those in need, aid individuals who may just need a bridge to self-sufficiency and continue to offer the valuable resources needed to help combat homelessness in southern Nevada. We are proud to support and partner with HELP to create more sustainable communities and thank them for their commitment to that mission." Southwest Gas is a perennial partner to HELP, most notably through their Energy Share program. This emergency fund provides direct utility assistance to qualified customers with unexpected financial difficulties and is facilitated through the nonprofit. In 2022 alone, more than $250,000 was distributed to customers in need through utility bill assistance or the replacement or repair of water heaters. This program has positively impacted more than 3,200 households since 2019. "While this program impacts our clients at varying levels, it can be a make or break for some to be able to stay in their residence," says Fuilala Riley, CEO of HELP. "We recently assisted a 67-year-old widow dealing with a brain aneurysm who had been abandoned by her children. Not only were we able to pay her current bill in full, but also her back bills which were under her daughter's name. This is just one example of how Energy Share helps us keep individuals, especially seniors, with a roof over their heads and off the street and we are so thankful to Southwest Gas and their customers for supporting this program." In addition to Energy Share, HELP and Southwest Gas provide opportunities for customers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes through HELP's weatherization program to which Southwest Gas contributes the necessary and unfunded natural gas appliances. With priority for seniors, people with disabilities, and families with young children, HELP facilitates improvements to homes that reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills and ultimately improve affordability. On average, HELP facilitates the weatherization of 300 homes per year. "Southwest Gas is a partner in the truest sense of the word as they engage on so many levels," says Riley. "Whether its funding, volunteer hours or advocacy, they are always there to support us in our mission and for that we are grateful." About HELP of Southern Nevada HELP of Southern Nevada provides assistance to low-income families, homeless youth and other individuals, to help them reach self-sufficiency through direct services, trainings and referrals. HELP operates 10 departments, consists of 200 employees and serves tens of thousands of unduplicated clients each year. Programs available include Behavioral Health Services, Coordinated Entry Community Matchers, Homeless Response Teams, Family Housing Services, Framing Hope Warehouse, Holiday Assistance, Adult Housing Programs, Community Relations, Shannon West Homeless Youth Center, Weatherization and Workforce Services. About Southwest Gas Southwest Gas Corporation is a dynamic energy company committed to exceeding the expectations of our over two million customers throughout Arizona, California and Nevada by providing safe and reliable service while innovating sustainable energy solutions to fuel our communities' growth. For more information about how Southwest Gas is supporting a sustainable energy future, please visit

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