Yale Philanthropy Conference 2019

February 22, 2019 | USA

The Yale Philanthropy Conference is an inter-disciplinary forum for current and future leaders focused on the business of social change. This conference is the only convening of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector planned entirely by MBA students. Bringing together thinkers, students, and professionals from leading institutions and foundations across the country, the conference fosters discussions about the role of philanthropy in the contemporary society, strengthens professional networks, builds the management acumen to necessary for vibrant institutions, and cultivates leadership in the social sector and beyond.


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The 10 Things Keeping NonProfit Leaders Up at Night

September 14-14, 2021 | USA

The 10 Things Keeping NonProfit Leaders Up at Night—Speaker: Brian Carter, CPA - Maudlin & Jenkins There’s nothing like the satisfaction of helping an individual or team reach their goals and perform at their best. Non Profit leaders are usually in a better position to influence and lead change. However, there’s a price to pay for the privilege to lead, the status, and those extra rewards and perks. Being a executive means you also have to deal with the tough issues that can cause you to lose sleep at night. This presentation will explore 10 things that are always front of mind for non-profit executives. Items such as Technology, Data, Cyber Threats, Compliance, and many more.

Access to Capital for Nonprofits: Planning for New Revenue Streams

September 1-1, 2021 | USA

This workshop will help you prepare and position your organization for new revenue opportunities. Frank Walter will discuss a variety of revenue options for your organization including loans, leasing, government programs, grants, or partnerships. Evaluate your organization’s stability, preparedness and capacity for revenue opportunities. Frank will help you plan for and consider budgeting, forecasting, value propositions, leadership and board experience, identifying and approaching appropriate lenders, and lender communication and relationship building. Topics and questions covered include: • Why consider or pursue additional revenue streams? • What types of revenue or financing options are available? • How can we leverage resources and funding opportunities for sustainability and impact? • What key financial ratios do we need to consider? • What is our capacity for debt?

2021 ANA Nonprofit Federation Summer Conference

August 25-27, 2021 | USA

Join hundreds of fundraising and marketing professionals at The ANA Summer Nonprofit Conference, a two-day event where you can exchange innovative marketing and fundraising ideas. Get inspired to think creatively and make the relationship with your donors even stronger.

Sky Oro Non Profit Roundtable: Highlighting BZN Orgs That Serve Women

August 26-26, 2021 | USA

There are hundreds of non profit organizations in the Gallatin Valley, and we are aiming to create an opportunity for YOU to get to know some of them, along with the humans that put the energy into operating them. This quarterly series of events is designed to introduce you to the organizations, their missions, their leaders, and finally, to share exactly what kind of support will help them further their mission. After all, 20 hours of volunteer time for one organization could make all the difference, but for another would be of little help. We are aiming to empower YOU to feel more confident in deciding what organizations align with your giving values and the resources that you have to give. A little bit about the organizations: 100 Strong Gallatin Valley is on a mission to unite women of diverse backgrounds in funding capital projects that will enhance the lives of families in the Gallatin Valley Greater Impact is passionate about giving people a hand up in times of need. This is a non profit designed to serve community, and more specifically help families stay in their homes, cars and jobs. One of the programs that they operate is the Lindsey House, a sober house for women here in the Gallatin Valley. This event is free for Sky Oro members, and $15 for non members Sky Oro is a women focused coworking and community space in Bozeman, Montana. Our events support women in the workforce, whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, employee, in the executive space, or anywhere in between.