2022 Nonprofit Marketing Summit

August 16-18, 2022 | USA

Nonprofit Marketing
If you handle any kind of marketing for your nonprofit, attending this conference is a great way to hone your skills! A broad variety of sessions mean you can learn about anything from planning a social media marketing calendar to the ins and outs of Google Ad Grants. Nearly every possible facet of nonprofit marketing is covered in this two-day event. If you’re looking to hone existing marketing skills or develop new ones, this is a wonderful resource! As a culture, we are tech-obsessed and have short attention spans. Digital strategy is accelerating at lightning speed — the distant future we imagined is here now, right at our fingertips. As a nonprofit, this presents a challenge: you need to move faster than ever to adapt the digital strategies to capture attention + ultimately drive more donations. When you attend this free, 3-day high impact virtual event, you’ll learn about the newest and most-effective digital strategies you can implement now that will set the stage for exponential growth for years to come. The choices you make will define your nonprofit’s future: will you choose to scale impact?


The crowdfunding industry continues to see strong growth which gives life to more great ideas, projects and social good.


Responsive Nonprofit Summit, April 2022

April 20-21, 2022 | USA

The Responsive Nonprofit Summit is a virtual experience that brings together like-minded, forward-thinking nonprofit leaders for two days of informative sessions and hands-on workshops. Together, we’ll learn to build better systems and strategies to help nonprofits grow.

Nonprofit FundCon 2022

September 22, 2022 | USA

Fundraising is all about creating trust and building relationships that lead logically to donating, giving and other support. This September, Nonprofit FundCon will bring together fundraising and development executives from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to hone your fundraising skills and stay apprised of the latest trends in nonprofit membership development!

CIOF West & East Midlands Conference 2022

September 29, 2022 | UK

We are back for 2022! This year, the West & East Midlands Committee are working together to host and bring you this year's Midlands Conference. We are so excited to be hosting a day of learning and to be bringing back the fantastic Fundraiser of the Year Award too - we'll be having one for West & East Midlands this year and we're already excited to hear even more about the incredible fundraisers the Midlands has.

2022 Nonprofit Leadership Conference

September 28, 2022 | USA

For nonprofit leaders and organizations, the past few years have challenged and changed us. We’ve dug deeper and pushed boundaries. We’ve reinvented how to fundraise and engage. We’ve experienced immense energy and intense exhaustion. But leaders like you were called to nonprofit work for times like this. Join your peers and partners at the 2022 Nonprofit Leadership Conference on September 28 to rediscover what drives you and how to harness it to effect lasting change. Presented by Bank of America, this highly anticipated annual conference is back in person at the beautiful Tampa Marriott Water Street.