Showcasing the Best of Fundraising Examples

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Ready for eye candy campaigns that make you wish YOU'D thought of that? Buckle up, buttercup. We're firing up the very best fundraising examples from budgets small and large, digital and print, social and SO MUCH  MORE! Be inspired and delighted with eye-candy examples and concrete tactics you can implement in your next fundraising campaign.
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If you're looking for a way to start a fundraiser that impacts more than your organization, please continue reading.


Aviva Community Fund


The Aviva Community Fund is back and better than ever! To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they’re giving away $1 million in project funding to charities across Canada, this year, featuring 160 chances to win!Join Nadine Pinto from Aviva to learn about exciting new changes to the Aviva Community Fund competition making it easier than ever for charities to apply and including more chances to win.
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Nonprofit Accounting for Fundraisers


Looking for synergy between your development and financial offices? This 60-minute session is for you! Come learn about common situations that impact both development and finance offices, and walk away with a high-level view of nonprofit accounting. We use simple language and realistic scenarios to demystify the financial side of fundraising. Development personnel at all experience levels will benefit from this course.
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The Psychology of Giving: Copywriting that Compels People to Give

Writing effective copy for emails, social media posts—anytime you communicate with supporters—is essential. But, bad copy abounds, which results in money being left on the table. Watch the on-demand webinar, The Psychology of Giving: Copywriting that Compels People to Give with Otis Fulton, Vice President, Psychological Strategy at Turnkey​. Common wisdom says in order to raise money we should tell supporters about us—how effective, respected, and unique the organization is, along with the importance of the mission. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for failure. Instead, motivating supporters must focus on what they will get out of being in a relationship with the organization.
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Navigating Midterm Elections So You Can Fundraise

Network for Good

This time of year is an important one for nonprofits and a frustrating one. As we begin to build and launch our year-end campaigns, nonprofits find themselves competing, not just for dollars, but for attention. With local and national media coverage focused on the upcoming midterm election where candidates have raised unprecedented cash, many nonprofits are left wondering, "How do I get my message out, too.
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