Nonprofit Social Media Policy: What Should be Addressed?


In this webinar you learn Fundraising and Earned Income Streams:
- Donate Buttons and Multistate Charitable Registration Requirements
- Crowdfunding and Peer-To-Peer Fundraising
- Soliciting Restricted Funds – Intentionally and Unintentionally
- Selling Products – Permits, Sales Tax, and Unrelated Business Income Tax Implications
- Tech-Based Fundraising Trends (e.g., Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality).
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Simon loves journalism. Although he isn't a writer. He once founded a school newspaper which succeed as a business, but it failed on the editorial side. This convinced him to use his business and organizational skills to enable great journalistic work to have an impact and be financially sustainable.


Nonprofit 911: Donor Retention Isn't Speed Dating

Network for Good

Speed dating helps you meet a lot of people in a very short time—and you never see 99% of them again. This reminds us of the statistic that 80% of donors never make a second gift. How can you develop a successful donor relations program? What works and what doesn’t? And how can you improve your retention rate? Learn how to form a lasting relationship with your donors based on their behavior—not the amount of their gift.
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Aplos Webinars - Year-End Accounting Procedures for Churches and Nonprofits


Want to learn more about year end accounting procedures for your church or nonprofit? Check out this recorded webinar and Alex Acree will explain it all!
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Crowdfunding Deep-Dive Into Marketing and Planning Strategies for Donation-Based Fundraising Campaigns


Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the go-to approach to raising money for personal and organizational needs. But it’s about more than just making a page and hoping that the Internet will shower you with money; you’ve got to have a plan. May be the most frequently asked question among crowdfunders today. Unbeknownst to most, even personal and charitable campaigns require a strategy. This webinar is a can’t-miss for anyone trying to crack this code.
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Everything You Need to Know About Social Fundraising

Network for Good

Are you looking for ways to expand your organization’s reach and raise more money? It’s not always easy to grow your donor base and excite existing supporters, but a social fundraising campaign can help you reach new donors and strengthen your relationship with your most passionate advocates. What is social fundraising and how do you add it to your nonprofit’s development mix?
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