If you weren’t one of the 1,000+ who registered originally for our webinar, How to Build a Donor Communications Plan That Will Make Them Fall in Love, you can now get the recording too! A recent study on nonprofit donor engagement found that donors gave two-thirds of their annual charitable donations to one favorite charity.
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Check out the infographic below if you're still not convinceed that a responsive design will change the way your nonprofit funraises in the future.It's been drilled into your head by now that the movement to mobile is real, is happening, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Respons


Mobile Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits


Mobile giving is on the rise. Learn how your organization can profit from mobile fundraising.Do you constantly wonder what's the best platform to accept charitable donations? Organizations need an affordable solution; one as powerful as it is easy to use. Most people own a smartphone. This has become the fastest and easiest way to accept donations. With open rates at an all-time low, organizations are harnessing the power of mobile like never before. Join us on this topic and learn how accepting donations via mobile can significantly increase donations.

How to Use Sustainable Philanthropy to Advance Your Nonprofit


There's a growing pool of tech companies infusing sustainable philanthropy models into the cultural fabric of their business. During this webinar, presenters Bryan Breckenridge, Executive Director of, and Katie Bisbee, Chief Marketing Officer at DonorsChoose, will speak to how nonprofits need to innovate their internal processes in order to take advantage of this burgeoning trend and match pace. Explore what's pushing this trend forward, how companies are making it happen, and how you can make the most of this critical transition point in the social sector.

Webinar: understanding fundraising opt-in and opt-out


Some charities have decided to move to opt-in for their marketing. Is this right for your charity? We explore the costs and benefits of both opt-in and opt-out approaches.

Nonprofit 911: How Best Brands Would Steward Your Donors

Network for Good

What can the most loved brands in the world teach us about donor relations? In this webinar, you'll be inspired and delighted by examples from the for-profit world and walk away with fresh tips and tools on how you can boost your organization’s donor stewardship. Donor loyalty develops from a personal connection with every interaction a donor has with your organization. Get ready to learn about the donor experience with a new level of candor, insight, and persuasiveness!