Fundraising Tips for Directors of Nonprofit Organisations Webinar

In small to medium organisations, CEOs and Board Members have a key role to play in fundraising. Not everything can be allocated to staff, and there are things that only Directors can do. This webinar is designed for organisations with at least one fundraising staff member.
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Since 2004, Kessler Foundation has provided more than $41.5 million in support initiatives that expand opportunities for people with disabilities. This White Paper assesses the diverse grants supported under the Foundation’s Signature Employment Grant (SEG) program from 2009-2015. The SEG prog


Engage Your Community Foundation in Youth Philanthropy

Foundant Technologies

Is your foundation actively involved in youth philanthropy? If not, you're missing out on an important aspect of donor stewardship and community development. Learn the top five reasons why you should engage in youth philanthropy: Provides a unique perspective of your community.

Advanced Annual Reports for Fundraising


If you're looking for inspiration, a way to cut costs on your annual report, and the graphic design training that you never had, you've come to the right place! When I first started working for nonprofits, I was supposed to make an annual report for this national nonprofit on how their grant money had been used. I had to call the affiliates and ask them what they did with the money. This internship was so confusing because no one gave me any direction about what they wanted for the annual report.

Fundraising 101 with Salesforce


Whether you need a basic fundraising tool or are looking for a system you can customize to meet your unique organizational needs, the Nonprofit Success Pack can do it all.Key Webinar Takeaways,Fundraising 101 with the NPSP (gift entry, contact records, reporting, etc.),How Camp Kesem uses the NPSP for peer-to-peer fundraising across their Chapters.

Supercharging Your School’s Fundraising Events


Inject more energy into your events! During this webinar, you'll learn 10 key strategies from Joe that will help you rake in more revenue through your college or university's fundraising events. Find out how to increase event sponsorships, sell more tickets, reduce expenses, and host exciting affairs that engage more donors.