Fraud Prevention for Nonprofits: Avoiding Fraud Schemes and Fraudsters

Most of us would like to believe that everyone in our organization, particularly in the nonprofit sector, is ethical and honest. Unfortunately, fraud remains an ongoing issue for many nonprofits as fraudsters continue to damage not only organizational integrity but also public image and internal morale.
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The Heckrodt Wetland Reserve was looking for ways to get their message out to the community.  Branding their logo was an important piece of this initiative.  See how staff wearing logoed polo shirts throughout town inspired questions about what they do, where they’re located, and how




Seeing the positive impact of your organization’s grants can be deeply rewarding, yet we all know that the processes involved in grantmaking itself are often downright tedious and cumbersome for both the grantmakers and the nonprofits they serve. There is a major role for technology to play in order to break down common administrative boundaries as well as increase capacity and collaboration.In our webinar you will learn about four key areas where technology is most effectively being applied to the philanthropic space:

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Digital Currency


Is it just a passing fad, or a lasting change? We will cover what nonprofit leaders need to know in order to evaluate whether digital currency is worth their attention, and what the risks and benefits are. We will also discuss what you need in place in terms of technologies, policies, and procedures in order to accept digital currency. Finally, we will talk about what responsibilities nonprofits have to educate their constituents about the advantages and risks of digital currency.

PAC Fundraising in a Nonelection Year

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It’s not an election year. Your Political Action Committee donors are weary. So how do you keep your PAC funded? You activate today’s best off-year fundraising incentives.Do it now and your PAC can be strong and ready for the next election cycle. Plus, steady contributions make sure your PAC has the resources to respond quickly whenever important developments emerge. Just be sure you keep your donation incentive strategies compliant with the FEC’s fundraising rules, requirements and prior-approval responsibilities.

Nonprofit Financial Management | Webinar

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Learn how to become sustainable through transparency and accountability. Watch and find out how your nonprofit can thrive and meet financial goals through proper nonprofit financial management.