End Of Year Fundraising Trends

Charity Dynamics

Did you know that 28% of nonprofits raise at lease 26% of their annual revenue from End Of Year campaigns? There is still time to start your End Of Year Giving plans, but you need to start soon.Charity Dynamic’s consultants Colleen Legge and Dolores McDonagh, discuss strategies, trends and innovating ideas to jump-start your End Of Year giving plans.
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There are several methods of fundraising to help raise money for your group or organization.


The Anxious Organization - Who Us?


Any organization that isn't anxious is on its way to extinction. Anxiety is central to organizational life. The issue isn't whether or not you're a part of an anxious organization. You are - guaranteed! It’s more about how your organization manages anxiety - for better or for worse. Since anxiety is a reality in every organization, most experience it as “normal” and are completely unaware of how anxiety manifests itself and how they work obsessively to keep it at bay, most often to the detriment of the healthy functioning of the organization.

Webinar: How to Use Events For Better Fundraising


Join fundraising expert Dan Kimball for a one-hour webinar that will help you learn how to leverage events to build stronger, long-term support and donations over time. Fundraising events are a fantastic way to generate not only revenue for nonprofit organizations but also a way to create awareness, excitement, and introduce new people to your mission. At the same time, good fundraising events should also not be treated as a means to an end and are a great way to create a pipeline for new relationships for your nonprofit, as well as creating new donors.

QuickBooks for Existing Nonprofit Users


You've already been using Intuit's QuickBooks to manage your nonprofit or church accounting, but you wish you knew more or could improve how it works. If this sounds like you in this free, 90-minute webinar for existing nonprofit users of Intuit's QuickBooks.

Nonprofit Academy: How Email Metrics & Strategy Collide


Every email your nonprofit sends is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with supporters. A rock solid email strategy, along with metrics to track performance, are incredibly important for donor stewardship. In this webinar, Classy's marketing team is teaming up with Constant Contact to discuss top strategies and metrics nonprofits can use to improve the performance of your email communications over time.