Crowd Funding Webinar

Key topics that would be discussed: • What is Crowdfunding • How your project can get Crowdfunded • How does Crowdfunding work in India • Do's and Dont’s and guidelines of Crowdfunding • Identifying the right Crowdfunding platform • What is Catapooolt & How can it help you
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In the year 2014, it’s estimated that 63 million America people volunteered their time. This equalled a grand total of 7.7 billion hours! That is a lot of generous people! Here are some more interesting facts on volunteering.


An introduction to Nonprofit Silent Auctions: How to Raise more funds with five simple changes (Instant-Access Webinar Video)

What’s the difference between a Lincoln MKX and a Ford Edge? Marketing! The cars are virtually identical, but the Lincoln retails for $12,000 more. When you start to use the same marketing tactics the big companies do, your little, silent nonprofit auction can start to realize some impressive gains. For some organizations, modest gains of 5% can mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Nonprofit Social Media Policy

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Many charitable nonprofits that regularly use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to amplify their missions and raise funds do not adequately understand the issues such use may create. They also do not understand how to create and implement an appropriate social media policy with rules and guidelines to help their leaders make knowledgeable and effective decisions on their use of social media without running afoul of applicable laws.

Exceptionally Successful Nonprofit Events

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Fundraising events and galas are a permanent part of the nonprofit scene, yet most organizations struggle with their planning and implementation. So many details, so much extra work for the staff and there’s no guarantee your event will even be successful! Put those event planning worries behind you. The help your organization needs, and has hoped for, is here! This unit gives you insight into the first-steps professional event planners take when crafting their extraordinarily successful events. You’ll learn how to turn your ho-hum event into something meaningful, which has positive organizational impact long after the event is over.

PAC Fundraising in a Nonelection Year

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It’s not an election year. Your Political Action Committee donors are weary. So how do you keep your PAC funded? You activate today’s best off-year fundraising incentives.Do it now and your PAC can be strong and ready for the next election cycle. Plus, steady contributions make sure your PAC has the resources to respond quickly whenever important developments emerge. Just be sure you keep your donation incentive strategies compliant with the FEC’s fundraising rules, requirements and prior-approval responsibilities.