ACR Webinar: The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector

Charity leaders are often uneasy about doing this because they fear they are diluting their powerful mission-focused messages by speaking in terms of dollars and cents. We recognize and understand that. But we also know that the economic impact message grabs the attention of lawmakers who are facing increasingly difficult decisions about where to invest taxpayer dollars. This webinar discusses how to deliver the economic message successfully. Presenters at the webinar will include:
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For most people, direct mail is annoying. However, it works. Direct mail drives people to digital donations, but a poor online experience decreases giving.


Intelligent Facebook Fundraising

Charity Dynamics

In just two years, Facebook Fundraiser has become a powerhouse in the peer-to-peer fundraising arena. In fact, it’s estimated that 18% of donors worldwide have donated to a nonprofit through Facebook Fundraising Tools*. With Facebook raising $300 Million with over 750,000 nonprofits, this phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Put simply, Facebook has evolved and is no longer just a social platform. It’s a giving platform with wide-ranging future implications to online fundraising.

The Landscape of Project Management Tools for Nonprofits


When you think of project management, do you think of a series of processes and best practices employed to keep staff and projects on schedule and on budget? Or do you think of a piece of software used for similar goals?The fact is, project management is a discipline that includes both best practices and tools some as simple as a paper checklist or spreadsheet, and some incredibly powerful and complex pieces of software that help plan, organize, collaborate, track, and share progress across multiple teams.

End-of-Year Prep: Communications, Engagement, and Stewardship BEFORE the Giving Season


Join us for our next #NoFilterNonprofit webinar to discuss how to engage, inspire, and steward constituents before they’re inundated with your end-of-year appeals.In the world of philanthropy, everyone wants to talk about end-of-year giving. But what about the months leading up to it?

How to Get Donors to a Yes - Revenue Boosting New Year's Resolutions for Fundraisers


Ready to raise more money in 2018? If you want to work smarter, not harder, join our special guest, Rachel Muir, CFRE. She’s eliminating the mystery, myths, and guesswork out of your fundraising. What do the best fundraisers do differently? Who are the top performers and what’s the secret to their success? Learn their strategies, tips and tools that you can put into effect immediately!