Achieving digital readiness in your nonprofit organization

Efficiency is extremely important for all organizations, but it is even more critical for nonprofits that are charged with achieving their mission, often with diminishing resources. To that end, many nonprofits are implementing modern tools and technology to seize opportunities to fundamentally change the way they carry out their mission. Digital platforms help spur innovation and unlock the true potential of organizations, but you must understand available platforms and how they can help overcome potential risks. Join us for this informative, two-part webcast series, as we discuss the important and necessary steps to achieving digital readiness in your organization
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Donor information in multiple spreadsheets. Impossible to track giving history. Duplicates everywhere! Can't trust that anything is accurate. Spend days merging and deduping lists for each mailing—and hoping info's still right. Letters lack personalization. Nothing Looks good! Manually


9 Ways Nonprofits Can Nail It On Social

Sprout Social

Most nonprofits are strapped for resources and need creative, cost-efficient ways to engage with their audience. That’s why many nonprofits rely on social media to build awareness for their specific causes and grow their bases of support. But where do you start? And how can you stand out? Join our webinar with guest speaker Kalle Eko of MacArthur Foundation, as we discuss best practices nonprofits should follow when building their social strategy.

Webinar transcript: Running a Charity


Hello and welcome to today’s webinar. Today we’ll be discussing what you need to know about running a charity in regards to your ACNC obligations and the duties of your responsible persons, as well as some basic good governance principles.My name is April Kitchenham and presenting with me today is my colleague Chris Riches and we are from the ACNC’s Education team. So I’ll hand you over to Chris now, who’ll take you through what we are covering today.

How Nonprofits Can Tap Into the Power of Digital Donations


Online charitable giving grew 8% from 2015 to 2016, compared to 1% growth of charitable giving overall. To capitalize on this growth and convert the next generation of online donors nonprofits need to make sure they are targeting donors the right way, and avoiding the common pitfalls. Join Daniel Nelson, Head of Global Partnerships at Braintree as he dives into trends in online giving, how to harness these trends, and how to avoid donation detours.

Building a Foundation for Digital Fundraising Success


In this webinar, Danielle Johnson Vermenton, CFRE will provide practical advice and leave you with a list of action steps that you can implement to prepare your organization for a successful digital fundraising program. And just a couple of housekeeping items real quick. I just want to let you know that we are recording this session.