A Donor is a Terrible Thing to Lose: Secrets to Getting More and Bigger Gifts

This Webinar is all about how strategic donor-centered stewardship will improve your donor retention. This is big! If you can retain just 10% more of your supporters you can increase their lifetime value by 200%.
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Nonprofit 911: How to Stop Losing Donors in 10 Days or Less

Network for Good

It's no secret that the nonprofit sector has a donor retention problem. What most fundraisers don't realize is that even the smallest nonprofit as the power to change this reality. This free webinar will show you what you need to say and do to retain more donors, even before the first gift is made

Dealing with Difficult People: Learn a New Skillset for Today's Multigenerational, Multicultural Workplace


It seems to happen in a lot of workplaces. Someone is difficult. It can be a client, peer or (gulp) your boss. Or it could be that incommunicative guy in the mailroom, the gossipy fundraiser, the surly receptionist or the aggressive fill-in-the-blank that puts a crimp in your day.

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent for Your Nonprofit Organization

CapinCrouse LLP

Having difficulty hiring and retaining strong talent? This webcast is designed to provide nonprofit organizations with guidance on how to identify, interview, and select top candidates. Once hired, it’s even more important to keep your talent engaged. We’ll share key strategies for coaching and retaining your employees as well.

ACR Webinar: The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector

The Philanthropy Roundtable

Charity leaders are often uneasy about doing this because they fear they are diluting their powerful mission-focused messages by speaking in terms of dollars and cents. We recognize and understand that. But we also know that the economic impact message grabs the attention of lawmakers who are facing increasingly difficult decisions about where to invest taxpayer dollars. This webinar discusses how to deliver the economic message successfully. Presenters at the webinar will include: