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Village Fund marks $2.2M in giving to Nashville-area nonprofits

December 15, 2018 / Bill Lewis

Realtor Virginia Degerberg enjoys helping clients find the home of their dreams. She also likes knowing each of her real estate transactions helps someone in need stay warmer in the winter, supports the arts, makes Nashville greener and helps the region become a better place to live, work and raise a family. She gives a portion of each commission to the Village Fund, the charitable initiative of Village real estate company. This month, the fund reached a milestone of giving $2.2 million to nonprofits since the fund began 25 years ago. “If I live in the area and work for a company in the area, and I can make a difference in our community, I should do that,” said Degerberg, who has been contributing to the Village Fund for 17 years. Josef Kaul, director of programs for Hands On Nashville, is grateful for their generosity. The organization, which matches volunteers with opportunities to serve, uses funding from the Village Fund for a number of programs, including making repairs for low-income homeowners.