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Millennials Want Skills-Based Involvement With Charities

December 19, 2016 /

Skill development is a driving factor in Millennials’ philanthropic engagement. A quarter of Millennials surveyed indicated that they volunteer through their work to utilize their skills or expertise. More than three-quarters (77 percent) indicated that they’d be more likely to volunteer if they could use a specific skill or expertise to benefit a cause. The data comes from the Millennial Impact Project, a five-year retrospective based on the responses of 75,000 respondents, conducted by Achieve in partnership with the Case Foundation. The project did not ask the same questions year-to-year, making comparisons impossible. However past survey responses have also indicated that Millennials enjoy using their skillsets to benefit causes and are interested in participating on organizational boards in in young professionals groups. “This unprecedented look at how the millennial generation thinks of and acts on charitable causes offers important insights into the actions and motivations of this growing and diverse generation,” said Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation.