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How Nonprofits Can Keep AdWords Grants following Major Changes-and Restore Lost Accounts

May 07, 2018 / AINE CREEDON

At the beginning of 2018, Google made some significant changes to their AdWords grant guidelines, including requiring an overall click-through rate of five percent or higher. From now on, if AdWords campaigns begin to fall below the five-percent mark for two months in a row, the account will be flagged, suspended, and eventually shut down. These dramatic changes aim to incentivize nonprofits to better use their grant money and come with benefits such as the elimination of the $2.00 cap on costs-per-click through the use of “Maximize Conversions” automated bidding.
Now that we’re well into May, many organizations have gone through the pain of having their AdWords accounts suspended. What you may not know is that once an AdWords account is suspended, Google has specific additional requirements for nonprofit organizations to keep and restore their grants.
These regulations encourage grantees to take their audience-targeting and user engagement to the next level-but nonprofit organizations may find it challenging to meet all these strict guidelines. Only relevant ads can be displayed on linked web pages used within any AdWords campaigns. Google does not want nonprofits generating ad impressions (and therefore revenue) from pages that are being directed to within their grants unless promotional materials are clearly linked to the organization’s mission.