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Aplos Software Extends Their Offer to Help Nonprofits & Churches Impacted by COVID-19

June 20, 2020 / Aplos

In just 30 days, more than $30,000 in discounts have been given to nonprofits and churches in the wake of COVID-19 to enable them to get the software and digital tools they need to resume their operations in the weeks and months ahead. Aplos has been practically giving away their software platform, with the option of adding mobile giving and communications features, in an effort to help nonprofits and churches operate remotely while sheltering in place due to the coronavirus. Traditional ways these organizations have engaged their supporters have radically changed in recent months due to the outbreak. New digital solutions have been needed to handle communications and to accept financial support during these challenging times. In an effort to fulfill the immediate needs of both nonprofits and churches, Aplos achieved their goal of equipping 100 organizations in less than 1 month from announcing their offer of only $1 per month for the first 3 months for their complete software platform.