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The Colossal Impact: 2023 Allocation of Funds Raised for Charity Through Online Competitions

Colossal Management, a pioneering force in changing the landscape of fundraising through online competitions, announces the allocation of over $23 million in donation funds raised in 2023. Colossal's unique approach to fundraising benefits both charities and competitors, bringing together communities to support important causes. Through various competitions, Colossal has successfully raised substantial amounts, and the funds are now being directed toward impactful initiatives. All donations raised from associated votes cast during a Colossal competition go directly to DTCare, a 501(c)(3) charity, which subsequently grants the donations to a designated nonprofit at the end of the competition.

The following are standout examples of the impact a Colossal competition can make.

Favorite Chef
  • Benefiting James Beard Foundation (JBF)
  • Guest Appearance: Carla Hall
  • 2023 grant amount: over $4.7 million
The grant enables JBF to:
  • Dedicate extra resources to advocacy around the Farm Bill, a major piece of federal legislation.
  • Add another WEL (Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership) cohort to their planned programming.
  • Produce a new series of toolkits for the virtual resource library to support culinary entrepreneurs.
  • Expand JBF Leadership Workshops across the country.
  • Develop a series of Advocacy Meetups and mini-training refreshers to bring chefs and other culinary workers together to collaborate on key advocacy issues (sustainability, farming practices, SNAP access, healthier school lunches, etc.).
  • Invest in a new Sustainability Certificate program that would incentivize independent restaurants to build more robust, sustainable infrastructures.
  • Help support chefs in residence at Platform by JBF, the new culinary performance and dining space at Pier 57 in New York City.
  • "We are absolutely delighted to see how Colossal competitions bring so many people together around food, and we are deeply grateful that this initiative will benefit the Foundation's efforts to champion a standard of good food anchored in talent, equity, and sustainability." –Clare Reichenbach, CEO of the James Beard Foundation

Super Mom
  • Benefiting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH)
  • 2023 donation amount: over $2.6 million
The Super Mom campaign was the largest first-year donation they've received to date, according to Frances Fu, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer of CMNH. For every $1 raised through underwriting, CMNH turns it into $8 in donations for children's hospitals to, in turn, use where they're needed most.

The grant enables CMNH to:
  • Help provide charitable care.
  • Support research & treatments.
  • Provide education.
  • Provide advancement services.
  • Contribute to patient services.
  • Improve life-saving equipment.
"The Colossal team is amazing at building online communities through their competitions that have made an unprecedented impact for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Their expertise and passion for fundraising and our mission are second to none." –Todd Fisher, Sr. Director of Business Development

Fab Over 40
  • Benefiting National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Guest Appearance: Dolores Catania
  • 2022 donation amount: over $8.2 million
The associated grant, generously presented to NBCF by Colossal's dedicated partner, DTCare, enabled the foundation to channel resources into critical programs and services, encompassing education, detection, navigation, and inspiration for individuals battling breast cancer and their loved ones.

The grant enabled NBCF to:
  • Navigate support for 51,047 patients.
  • Provide breast health education for 16,137 women.
  • Give 9,771 mammograms.
  • Make and distribute 6,745 HOPE Kits.
  • Provide outreach to 1,721 women through community programs.
"Colossal has helped us provide education, early detection, and support services to thousands of women affected by breast cancer over the last two years through the Fab Over 40 Competition. We are truly grateful for their generosity." –Candice Hensley, Sr. Manager of Strategic Partnerships, NBCF

Tony Hawk's Skatepark Hero
  • Benefiting The Skatepark Project
  • Guest appearance: Tony Hawk
  • 2023 donation amount: $768,498.50
The grant enables The Skatepark Project to:
  • Help build new skateparks while also funding the nearly 700 public skateparks in underserved communities across all 50 states.
  • Increase access to outdoor recreation and free play through the creation of safe and inclusive community skateparks.
  • Support 'Supply the Ride,' a program dedicated to breaking down barriers and promoting accessibility by providing skateboards, helmets, and pads to youth in under-resourced communities.
  • Support the 'Fellowship' program, which works to guide the next generation of BIPOC skate advocates on how to create public skateparks in their own communities.
"The Skatepark Hero Competition is a celebration of the spirit and talent that drive skateboarding and will shape the future of this incredible sport!" –Tony Hawk

America's Favorite Pet
  • Benefiting Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
  • 2023 grant amount: over $3.2 million
Colossal raised an impressive $3.2 million through the 2023 America's Favorite Pet (AFP) Competition and was presented the prestigious inaugural Colossal Kindness Award at PAWS' 56th annual Wild Night gala.

The grant enables PAWS to:

Extend reach to areas affected by natural disasters.
  • 160 animals from California saved during extreme flooding.
  • 130 animals saved from New Orleans.
  • Many animals rescued after the Maui fires.
  • Complete Snohomish Wildlife Center built on a secluded 25-acre site to rehabilitate wildlife.
  • Enhance PAWS' professional training programs.
  • Broaden its community outreach initiatives.
  • Create new educational programs tailored to underserved youth to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of animal welfare.
  • Offer low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to address the critical issue of pet overpopulation.
"This generous contribution has catalyzed PAWS' efforts to provide comprehensive care for thousands of cats and dogs. Many of these animals have been rescued from overcrowded shelters where euthanasia was imminent. Because of this generous grant, PAWS can provide safe shelter to animals like Odette, a senior dog with medical needs. Thanks to Colossal and DTCare, Odette was recently adopted into a loving home where her new family appreciates her calm nature and graying muzzle." –Heidi Wills Yamada, PAWS CEO

In 2024, Colossal continues to offer extraordinary experiences for competitors in a variety of fundraising campaigns, all in the name of charity. Past winners include the first-ever Super Mom, London Reber; the Skatepark Hero, Michael Manion; and the 2023 Favorite Chef, Karen Jenkins. Who's Next?



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